Contestant of the Week for December 19-23, 2022

The Ford Family from the Family Edition of TPiR Holiday Week are your Contestants of the Week by first winning an Audi S5 Sportback worth $74,583 and other prizes on Golden Road (ending the winless drought among the Big 3 luxury pricing games) and then winning another car completing the first high SC sweep this season (and from this season’s second Car Winners’ Showcase) for a final total of $130,077 in prizes becoming the new season-leaders in winnings!!!

Honorable mentions:

-Civilian Jane from the debut of the show “The Wheel” won $110K.

-Shannon Pfeiffer from the Santa edition of TPiR Family Week scored our SECOND DSW THIS SEASON for a final total of $75,943 in prizes as this week’s highest-scoring solo contestant!!!

-Canadian Ray Lalonde joins the ranks in the 2023-24 ToC going into the weekend w/ a 7-day total of $192,700.

-Coach Christian avoids a car game skunking on LMaD, and we also had our second ON-TARGET cash vault win second week in a row for our EIGHT ON-TARGET BD WIN THIS SEASON averting a potential FLAMEOUT!!

-Ricky Gilbert pulled off THE FIRST TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP ON WHEEL TUESDAY SINCE SEASON 35 ON 12/13/2017 AND FIRST IN THE TRIPLE TOSS-UP ERA w/ a final total of $89,120 cash & Antigua leading to an ALL-MALE MAINGAME SWEEP this week for the first time since “Show You The World” from S38 despite a DISASTROUS Friday episode.

-Lisa Marie beat the odds winning One Away despite having only one honk, and similarly, Julia Locklear won Dice Game despite not rolling any 1s or 6s, making these two very exciting car game wins.

Very tough call for me, but Allison from LMaD is your Zonk Contestant of the Week due to her HEARTBREAKING MOVIN’ ON UP LOSS.

Dishonorable mentions:

-Merin Mathew & Jayne Dempsey, consequently, were given $1K LUMPS OF COAL EACH as a result of Ricky Gilbert’s total clean sweep. I know it’s not fair of me to put them in this list, but I just have to do it due to that AWFUL R2 w/ TWO INTACT NULL CYCLES (one had FIVE STRAIGHT PENALTIES; and **one** good B was in between them) and this was the WORST ROUND OF THE SEASON SO FAR. And Merin should be glad she declined to go on EXPRESS, or it would’ve been a WIPEOUT, and that says a lot.

-Kendall & Reilly’s dismal performance on Monday’s 25 Words ep. which lead to a returning champion SKUNKING for this week.

-Matt & Koin only got a dismal four correct words on Friday’s MR on 25 Words.

-Ricky’s BR win was unfortunately SPOILED in the promo for the episode.

TOTAL FLAMEOUT on LMaD Thursday although there was one good bailout.

-Friday’s WHEEL episode was a TRUE LUMP OF COAL. This is where it all started…

R E _ A _ A T I O N
R E S E R _ A T I O N S

Jimmy Nichols keeps goingand pays for it w/ a BANKRUPT near $650 to flush away $6,100, so we got a $0 puzzle win as a result. And then, R2 was penalties galore (including Dr. Michael Haggood PAINFULLY BANKRUPTing near $3.5K to lose $3,600 + AZ) and we were nothing over the minimum after it (as always, assuming both opening toss-ups were solved). And then in the second of triple toss-ups w/ Same Letter-esque bedding objects…

_ L _ _ _
_ _ _ L _ _ S

Marie Golden thinks CLEAN SHEETS will work when there’s an L on the bottom. And then Jimmy takes too long, but he would have been wrong anyway saying FLUFF which almost resulted in a TRIPLE STUMPER. S-U was no better and took way too long and had five aired duds in a row. After all was said and done, we had a new SEASON-LOW GT of $22,350 and because Jimmy was this week’s other $40K loser, he becomes the second-lowest-scoring winner this season w/ $12,350 cash & P.R.

2 thoughts on “Contestant of the Week for December 19-23, 2022

  1. Although statistically Ray (J!) had the most amount of winnings this week, both our choices for The Fords (TPIR) were considered justifiable due to their successful Golden Road play, and rightfully deserve the top player titles this week.

    And let’s not forget, other Honorable Mentions that should have been mentioned sooner on Bobby’s site:
    – Steven Kramer (TPIR), for his wise choice in keeping his $10K in the Luxury Game Pay The Rent
    – Christian, for winning LMAD’s only car this week.

    That said, in lieu of my own assessment for Bobby’s site due to Money Game’s early play this week, here are the final stats this Christmas week…

    FINAL COUNT – 11 cars, 13 DDs, 6 F!s, 2 SDs, 1 MD, 2 BDs (incl. the Cash Vault), the ongoing J! champ, 5 trips, $190K+ in cash games (incl. the sure thing in Pay The Rent), and our first Luxury Game win with GR in TPIR.
    BLOOD COUNT – 14 cars (more lost than won), 3 BDs, 2 DDs, 9 F!s, and the Any # Piggy.

    FINAL WEEK RATING – 17 of 20 (Primetime) + 5 of 10 (Daytime) = 22 of 30 (Overall Winning Week, owing to our successful week on TPIR).

    TPIR and J! were the two shows with Candy Canes (i.e. Winning Weeks), while LMAD and WOF had lumps of coals (Losing Weeks).

    Merry Xmas, fans, and I’ll try and give my own assessment on Bobby’s site on Xmas Eve.


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