Contestant of the Day for 3/3/2020

Based on the Game Show Contestants, The Contestant of the Day belongs to Linda Crabtree of Homewood, IL for her Great Dominant Performance on Wheel of Fortune. Her Performance From Round 2 winning her Trip to Arizona and then winning the Cruise to France from Round 3 Prize Puzzle and to Top it off, She Added another $37K to End Up with a Whopping $71,340 in Cash and Vacations. Congrats.


Contestant of the Day for 3/2/20

The Contestant of the Day belongs to Julia. Her BR solve thanks to the O she called to secure her Jeep Wrangler, and thus Bought her winnings Up to $62,125.

Honorable mention: Michael from TPIR spelling out CAR in spelling Bee to win.  He also picked up $500 for a perfect bid and $1K from Showcase Showdown.