Our New Identity — The Evolution Continues

With the recent addition of 25 Words or Less as the fifth regular show in our rotation, our site continues to grow and evolve, and as we continue to grow and evolve we will embark on a new identity. And as the years go by we will continue to provide for you, the readers, quick short recaps on TPiR, LMaD, J!, WHEEL and now 25 Words (& other shows, occasionally) for the TL;DR known as Quickcaps (sometimes called Quickies (NOT to be confused w/ Quickie Deals)).

Ladies and gentlemen…


…this is the new GSQ (Game Show Quickies). This is our new identity. Streamlined, simplified and future-proof. The evolution continues.

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Rules for Spoilers

Here are some spoiler rules that I must establish for myself & my fellow admins:

  • Any first-run LMaD, TPiR & 25 Words Quickcap posted before 5pm(ET) must contain a spoiler stamp in the title and then a “Read more” tag below the logo. The spoiler tag may be removed after said time.
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  • You’re not allowed to put a warning that an episode will be bad or good on top of a first-run or fictional Quickcap, because it will serve as a major spoiler to those who have missed the episode. Retro Quickcaps are okay as those episodes have aired years ago.

And another IMPORTANT rule for all readers to follow: NO POSTING SPOILERS ON ONE SHOW IN THE COMMENTS ON A POST FOR ANOTHER SHOW (e.g.: Wheel of Fortune spoiler comment on a Jeopardy! post – and that means you, Deepscan!).

Thank you for understanding.

Starting Today: My Ratings will be Colored

Ant0824’s Ratings will be Colored for All instead of Just 1 and 10.

Here are my Following Ratings in Color

11 or Higher – For Perfect Shows & Double Showcase Winner + All Perfect Deals + Big Deal win, Contestant wins More than $130K after winning the $100K or $1M, Total Clean Sweep on Jeopardy (Platinum)

10+ – For Wheel Of Fortune’s $100K win or $1M win (Gold)

10+ – For Perfect TPIR Show or A Great Wheel of Fortune Show winning More Than $90K or Total Clean Sweep + All DDs & FJ Swept.

9-9.99 – BD Win, 5 of 6 Games won + Showcase & Others

8-8.99 – Same but with Both Car Games won in TPIR & Others (May also use Blue 8) (Silver)

7-7.99 – For Average Shows (May also use Yellow 7) (Bronze)

6-6.99 – For Episodes that Finish okay with 3 Games won no car win or Wheel’s Decent Ratings (Copper)

5-5.99 – Slightly Below Average (Plum)

4-4.99 Sub-Par (Red Violet)

3-3.99 – Disappointing (Piss-Poor Episodes) (Maroon)

2-2.99 – Even Dismal

1-1.99 – Worst Episodes

My New ratings will Take Effect Monday November 22 

Percentages will come in Play November 21, 2022

Skipps’ Rating Scheme

This is the rating scheme that I am going to use ONLY on this site going forward beginning with today’s Quickcaps. The grading will remain the same as it’s always been since I’ve used it when I was first started Resulting on Gomez Vintage Reviews, but now my coloring will more closely follow that of Adam Alam’s, although not exactly, but close (He has ditched the letter grading system for his ratings) (I will continue to use the basic colors on Ismael Gomez’s site, Gomez Vintage Reviews).

My fellow admins, you DON’T have to follow this scheme, this is just for me. This is how I’m going to approach the coloring of my grades from here on out…

Higher than 10 (Better than A+)

10 (A+)

9 (A or A-)

8 (B+, B or B-)

7 (C+, C or C-)

6 (D+)

5 (D or D-)

4 (F+)

3 (F)

2 or 1 (F-)

Lower than 1 (Worse than F-)

Scratch (means inconclusive/no rating due to an unusual circumstance after there was originally a rating)

WoF Quickcap: 5/30/2023





The story so far…

Yesterday, we got started with the first of six episodes in this celebration.
Dr. Jeff made a bad Mystery mistake, but he got himself a nice cruise to the Bahamas and managed to win the game with over $23K.
But in the Bonus Round, the force was with him and thanks to picking the hot vowel of three A’s, he was able to STAY AFLOAT for $100K!
Will the Siths even up the score in this episode? We shall see.

Tuesday’s trio (including two men) who are JOINING THE RESISTANCE…

Christopher Borja: married man to Carol with seven kids (or Padawans as the couple calls them) and seven grandkids (three of them are really into the franchise) from Redlands, CA

Adura Awosika: postal service worker for eight years who’s been krumping from Chino, CA

Kate Stafford: senior at the University of Arizona studying computer science who reportedly made all her friends go to Lake Como in Italy to see the villa from “Attack of the Clones” and made them do the scenes there during Spring Break from Boerne, TX

Kate: $4,200 cash & Disney Gift Card | Christopher: $19,236 cash & Aulani MDW | Adura: $4K WC

GRAND TOTAL: an underwhelming $27,436

Scary moment

-In Round 1…

_ A M _ _ N _
O _ T S _ _ _ / T H _
M O V _ _ / T H _ A T _ R

Adura blew the solve with GAMING OUTSIDE THE MOVIE THEATER, which is one letter short, so he threw away $6,600 plus the $7,982 STAR WARS GALAXY’S EDGE prize.

Choose your generic category very wisely: PERSON/PHRASE/THING

MILLION DOLLAR BONUS ROUND #9: I’m not a GIFTED YOUNG POET, but Christopher unsurprisingly blanks due to his very limited help, so he loses…



My Rating: 6 (D+)

Jerry’s Rating: 5 (D-)

Mythman’s Rating: 4/10 (Dismal Follow Up to Yesterday’s $100K Win)

J! Quickcap: 5/30/2023

Jeopardy! logo

New Challengers

-Nathan Dennis, a C-17 loadmaster from Charlotte, NC
-Ilhana Redzovic, an investment associate from Chicago, IL

Returning Champion: Diandra D’Alessio (2-day: $15,700)

Correct/Incorrect: 53/8
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 5/7

Unplayed Clues ($ left on the board): 0 ($0)

Coryat Score: $35,600 (+$12,400 vs. yesterday)
Lach Trash: $9,800 from 7 triple stumpers (-$7,400 and -7 TS’s vs. yesterday)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $8,600 (-$5K vs. yesterday)

Daily Double Correct Answers3

: $7,200 | Ilhana: $21K | Nathan: $10,756 (Combined: $38,956)

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers0 (Who are Lake Poets?)

Winner: Ilhana ($20,400)

My Rating: 6 (D+)

Ismael’s Rating: 6 (D+)

TPiR Quickcap: 5/30/2023

The Price is Right logo

First Four: Kent Andersen, Tondalaya Smith, Joaquin Lugo, Kelly Montplaisir
2 for the Price of 1: Kelly ($1,112) gets both prizes for one price (GT: $9,988)

Next: Verlinda Denwitty
Grand Game: Tondalaya ($1,950) loses to pita bread

Next: Chad Heffelfinger
Balance Game: Chad ($1,640) puts on too much weight and loses the Mitsubishi Mirage

SCSD #1 Winner: Tondalaya (won in a tiebreaker with Chad who won $1K in the Spin-Off for a new total of $2,640)

Next: Monika Shah
Bonus Game: Monika ($798) painfully misses out on the bonus (GT: $1,020)

Next: Cynthia Templeton
Most Expensive: Kent ($2,448) finds the most expensive price (GT: $9,563)

Last: Aaron Munar
Gridlock: ($649) causes a traffic jam and loses the Toyota Corolla

Off to the FFBC: Joaquin

SCSD #2 Winner: Monika (won $1K in the Spin-Off for a new total of $2,020)

Showcase WinnerMonika ($41,938) (high showcase)

Games won: 2 of 6 — Final Total: $67,728

Rating: 4 (F+)

Jerry’s Rating: 5 (D)

Mythman’s Rating: 5/10 (Thanks to High Showcase Win)

Boot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims

Joaquin’s painful overbid on that last IUFB really did him in.

No Bear Due to the High Showcase Win

WoF Quickcap: 5/29/2023 — Memorial Day


A long time ago in a studio far, far, away…




There are two weeks left in the ruby anniversary and we are remembering the fallen troopers this Monday.
I get to narrate the story of how a group of Jedi wannabes play a game by controlling the force of spinning the roulette, famed for money and its name.
Meanwhile, the Siths are betting on viral mistakes and their money taken away by the BANKRUPT wedges, but that is part of the fun in the stage.
The tale of the Jedis on its conquest of fortune, with a daunting task to win a bounty of up to $100K or even a million, is about to unfold…
…and Jim Thornton’s “You’ve hit the jackpot” meme lives forever.

Please note that there are six episodes in this celebration including next Monday of June 5 (this upcoming episode won’t be billed as America’s Game).

May the Force be with these first Jedi wannabes from left to right…

Annie Merovich-Wolf: recently married lady (they had a STAR WARS wedding reception) from Pomona, CA

Dr. Jeff Powell: dentist who has a STAR WARS room in his office (and every Thursday, his staff wears shirts that say “May the Floss be with you”) from Sherwood, AR

Mayla Billips: lady with a son Marcus who learned to spell by watching this show and has a 100-year-old mom named Irene from East Stroudsburg, PA

: $3,900 | Jeff: $23,646 cash & cruise | Mayla: $5K

GRAND TOTAL: $32,546

Scary moments

Annie left out quite a few multiples when solving the Round 1 puzzle “A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY”.

Jeff questionably risked $5,550 on the MW near $650… and he shouldn’t have done so. We got a $0 win as a result.

-In the PP/Express Round…

I / _ O / N E E D E D
T _ I _ / T O D A Y

Annie CRASHED with M to lose $3,750- did she really think it would be MO, TMIS, or THIM?! -__-


Since STAR WARS is affiliated with Disney, there’s no car on offer for this week.

$100K Bonus Round: Unlike Sarah Doumerk from S31 (she threw away an easy $50K), Jeff is able to STAY AFLOAT


With that, Preston from Jan. 19 is off the hook and this season won’t turn out to be like S34-36 with only one grand prize winner after all!

Jeff’s Final Total: $123,646 cash & cruise (SECOND-HIGHEST OF THE SEASON!)


At the end, Sal Perales of Saber Guild & Lightsaber Academy gives the hosts a training lesson on using lightsabers.

My Rating: 9 (A-) (maingame could’ve been better)

Ismael’s Rating: 6 (D+)

Mythman’s Rating: 9/10 (Bullish Way to start the Week Despite Gobsmacked Game)

A DSW on TPiR and a $100K win here? Now that’s a rare feat!

J! Quickcap: 5/29/2023 — Memorial Day

Jeopardy! logo

Please let this week go so much better over last week’s disaster.

New Challengers
-Niranjan Murali, a policy professional from Washington, D.C.
-Travis Lee, an engineer from Phoenixville, PA

Hoping for a much better game: Diandra D’Alessio (1-day: $3,299)

Correct/Incorrect: 45/13
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 3/7

Unplayed Clues ($ left on the board): 0 ($0)

Coryat Score: $23,200 (-$5,200 vs. yesterday)
Lach Trash: $17,200 from 14 triple stumpers (+$1,200 and +2 TS’s vs. yesterday)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $13,600 (+$4K vs. yesterday)

Daily Double Correct Answers2

: $8,800 | Travis: $12,400 | Niranjan: $8K (Combined: $29,200)

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 2

Winner: Diandra ($12,401 (2-day: $15,700))

My Rating: 6 (D+)

Ismael’s Rating: 6 (D+)

TPiR Quickcap: 5/29/2023 — Memorial Day

The Price is Right logo

First Four: Norma Barrios, Ivory Chambeshi, Anthony Escobar, Linda Starr
Any Number: Linda ($2,629) piggies out (GT: $2,638.28)

Next: Gerald Bennett
Freeze Frame: Anthony ($1,242) freezes a little too early

Next: Natalie Metzger
Cliffhangers: Natalie ($885) falls to her doom resulting in a skunked first half (GT: $939)

SCSD #1 Winner: Natalie (won $1K in the Spin-Off for a new total of $1,939)

Next: Roger Tower
Bargain Game: Ivory ($2,244) picks the bigger bargain (GT: $14,965)

Next: Tracy Johnson
Dice Game: Gerald ($3K +$500) wins the Toyota Corolla (GT: $26,663)

Last: Giselle Rios
To the Penny: Roger ($699) takes $12K (GT: $12,699)

Getting Buried by the Veterans: Norma

SCSD #2 Winner: Roger


Games won: 2 of 6 (1 partial) — Final Total: $130,724.28

My Rating: 8 (B-) (things really picked up in the second half)

Ismael’s Rating: 6 (D+)

Boot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims

Tough break, Norma.


No bull unfortunately due to the skunked first half.

Contestant of the Week for May 22-26, 2023

James Holzhauer is your Contestant of the Week and here’s Why. He dominated Jeopardy Masters, won more games to clinch the Final to Face Matt Amodio(Who won $150K for 3rd) and Mattea Roach(Who won $250K For 2nd), and Ultimately went on to win Jeopardy Masters Championship Won $500,000.  Also Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho who is the SURVIVOR 44 Champion is Also your Contestant of the Week. Honorable Mentions: Leann’s Perfect Playing of Remember When Sending her on South Pacific Vacation; Lorena Iniguez’s Perfect Playing of Stack the Deck thanks to her Mom, Nina Carlson who lost the Car from One Away won $11K & The High Showcase on Wednesday and David Bookman’s Amazing 1/2 off win with 4 Boxes, Only Retta Alexander & Julian Hernandez salvaged the BR winning the $40K This Week

Natashia is Unfortunately your Zonk Contestant of the Week and here’s Why, She risked the Pinball Machine to add another Prize in Race to the Finish and Sadly She Pulled a Club which ended her run. Nominees: Dishonorable Mentions: Scary Toss Ups from Monday’s Wheel: Riley Richmond & Linda Philipp Blown a TTU Sweep with NEWFOUNDLAND, Jess McPeak was DQ’d for leaving out R (When she said DIVING INSTRUCTOR) and Too Many Duds in the Speed Round; Tuesday’s Episode of TPiR saw Rashyta Anderson though the Big Prize was $3,049 (This is 2023 not 1999) when playing Balance Game, A Terrible Episode of Friday’s TPiR saw no car win resulting in a Measly 1 win resulting in 11/30 games won. We saw 6 Triple Stumpers in Jeopardy and Jeopardy Masters This week (Absolute Worst) and a Disappointing Grand Getaways week with a 1-4 week especially from that Terrible Thursday episode (Worse than Season 35)

Wheel of Fortune Season 40 Week 37 Stats

Retta & Julian from Tuesday really saved our bacon in this not-so-Grand Getaways week.

Total for this Week: $222,575
-Maingame: $182,575
-BR Wins: $40K

Total for the Season: $10,624,181
-Maingame: $7,299,501
-BR Wins: $3,324,680

Prize Wedge Wins: 48

Gift Tag Wins: 52

MW Wins: 12
MW was Flipped-Declined: 75-19
MW Flip was $10KBANKRUPT: 28-47
$10K MW was Next to LaT$650: 35-40

EXPRESS was Played-Passed: 44-7
Gone all the Way: 24
Stopped Too Soon: 0
Crashes: 20

WC Usages: 38
-Maingame: 6 (1 on $2,500, 5 on $3,500)
-BR: 32

5-Round Games: 21

Perfect Rounds: 83

Gooseegg Victims: 34

Toss-Up Triple Stumpers: 6

Triple Toss-Up Sweeps: 24 (10 swept every Toss-Up)

Red Winners: 71
Yellow Winners: 57
Blue Winners: 57

Players who Needed the PP to Win: 47 (29 lost BR)

Average Maingame Winning Score this Week: $24,165 (-$3,353)
Average Maingame Winning Score this Season: $24,949 (-$21)

This Week’s BANKRUPT Trash: $25,572
Total BANKRUPT Trash for the Season: $876,169 + 2 trips of unknown value
Biggest Known BANKRUPT: $24,349 (Mar. 1)
Biggest Known BANKRUPT Trash in a Game: $30,200 (Feb. 8)

BANKRUPT Trash-Free Games: 21
BANKRUPT-Free Games: 8
Penalty Spin-Free Games: 8

WCs: Week: 0, Season: 37
MDWs: Week: 1, Season: 17
$10K MWs: Week: 1, Season: 5
Prize Wedges: Week: 1, Season: 10
Gift Tags: Week: 0, Season: 19

Unclaimed Cardboard
: Week: 1, Season: 30
$10K MWs: Week: 0, Season: 11
Prize Wedges: Week: 1, Season: 21
Gift Tags: Week: 2, Season: 38

Unused WCs: 26
Unused MDWs: 9

Top Winning Totals

  1. $126,450 (Jan. 19)
  2. $123,090 (Sept. 14)
  3. $112,570 (Jan. 31)

Top Maingame Winning Scores

  1. $58,298 (May 1)
  2. $52,384 (Nov. 17)
  3. $52,190 (Dec. 12)

Bottom Winning Totals

  1. $10,500 (Dec. 29)
  2. $11,720 (April 13)
  3. $12,130 (Oct. 21)

Season-High Week: WHEEL of FORTUNE XL ($422,670)
Season-Low Week: America’s Game IV ($167,645)


Start of Round 4: 130
Middle of Round 4: 34
Start of Round 5+: 18
Middle of Round 5+: 3

Spun by Red: 61
Spun by Yellow: 53
Spun by Blue: 71

Final Spin Amounts
$1,500: 52
$1,550: 10
$1,600: 25
$1,650: 33
$1,700: 29
$1,800: 3
$1,850: 10
$1,900: 16
$6K: 7

Final Spins Edited Out: 16 (5 others were left in)


BR Win Record: 75-110 (.405)

PBRWs: 0
4-1 Weeks: 3
3-2 Weeks: 9
2-3 Weeks: 15
1-4 Weeks: 6

MDBRs: 8

Letter Combo Wipeouts: 5 (TOTAL TRAINWRECKS: 0)

BR Categories
EVENT(S): 12/28; 5-7
FOOD & DRINK: 13/20; 7-6
FUN & GAMES: 5/8; 2-3
IN THE KITCHEN: 3/3; 2-1
LIVING THING(S): 7/12; 3-4
PERSON/PEOPLE: 17/40; 7-10
PHRASE: 56/163; 22-34
PLACE(S): 16/30; 7-9
THING(S): 12/179; 2-10
WHAT ARE YOU DOING?: 31/45; 10-21

BR Prizes
CAR: 24/59
$40K: 38/95 (1 minimum sweep)
$45K: 10/19
$50K: 2/6
$100K (or $1M): 1/6

Car Wins

  • 2 BMW X3s
  • 2 Ford Mustang GTs (1 fastback, 1 convertible)
  • 3 MINI Cooper S Hardtops 2dr (2 yellow, 1 red)
  • 1 Ford Explorer XLT
  • 2 Mercedes-Benz GLB250s
  • 2 Lincoln Corsairs
  • 2 maZDa CX-9s
  • 3 Ford Escapes (1 w/ the SE trim, 2 w/ the SEL trim)
  • 1 Mercedes-Benz CLA250
  • 1 Chevrolet Blazer 2LT
  • 1 Mercedes-Benz GLA250
  • 1 BMW X1
  • 1 Chevrolet Traverse LT Cloth
  • 1 Nissan Rogue AWD Platinum

MDBR Result
Landed on $1M: 1
1-3 Spaces Away: 3
4-6 Spaces Away:
6-9 Spaces Away: 3
10-12 Spaces Away: 3

BR Wins Despite Losing WC to BANKRUPT: 9
Non-$100K Wins After Losing MDW to BANKRUPT: 5

Weekly Rating: 4 (F+) (thanks to the disastrous Thursday and Friday episodes)

Jeopardy! Season 39 Week 37 Stats

Total winnings for this Week: $1,087,699 (Regular: $87,699; Masters: $1,000,000)

Total winnings for the Season: $8,390,110

Total combined Coryat for this Week: $390,000 (Regular: $164,000; Masters: $226,000)

Total combined Coryat for the Season: $8,107,900

Total Lach trash (triple stumpers) for this Week: $122,200 from 91 Triple Stumpers (Regular: $57,600 & 40 TS’s & Masters: $64,600 & 51 TS’s)

Total Lach trash (triple stumpers) for the Season: $1,987,300 from 1,705 triple stumpers

Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses)

-This Week: $114,400 (Regular: $44,000; Masters: $70,400)
-Season: $1,690,300


-This Week: 537/84 (Regular: 235/50; Masters: 302/34)
-Season: 11,531/1,747

Rebounds/Rebound Attempts

-This Week: 33/42 (Regular: 18/25; Masters: 15/17)
-Season: 755/964

Unplayed Clues ($ left on board)

-This Week: 4 ($4,400)
-Season: 33 ($30,000)

Most Unplayed Clues
-Day: 4 (Nov. 8)
-Week: 4 (4x)

Most $ left on board from Unplayed Clues
-Day: $4,800 (Sept. 12)
-Week: $6,800 (Wk. 1)

Best Weekly Winnings: $209,622 (Wk. 5)
Worst Weekly Winnings: $62,797 (Wk. 33)

Best Individual Coryat: $34,000 (Cris Pannullo; Oct. 14; Regular Play); $35,600 (Brendan Hunt; Jan. 19; Celeb J!)
Worst Individual Coryat: -$2,000 (Alec Wang; Jan. 18; Regular Play); -$5,800 (Jessica Stephens; Nov. 7; Tournament of Champions)

Best Combined Coryat: $49,600 (Nov. 28)
Worst Combined Coryat: $21,600 (Apr. 28; Regular Play); $27,600 (Oct. 18; Second Chance); $26,000 (2x; Tournament of Champions)

Best Weekly Coryat: $212,800 (Wk. 20)
Worst Weekly Coryat: $148,200 (Wk. 33)

Lowest One-Day Lach Trash: $0 (Jan. 12)
Biggest One-Day Lach Trash: $20,800 (Apr. 28)

Least Maingame Triple Stumpers for One Day: 0 (Jan. 12)
Most Maingame Triple Stumpers for One Day: 17 (x2 Regular Play); 26 (Jan. 5; Celeb J!)

Least Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses) in one day: $1,000 (Nov. 22)
Most Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses) in one day: $14,000 (Oct. 24; Second Chance and Jan. 31; Regular Play); $15,400 (Mar. 30, Regular Play), $15,900 (Oct. 2; Celeb J!); $19,800 (Nov. 8; Tournament of Champions)

Lowest Weekly Lach Trash: $24,600 (Wk. 19)
Highest Weekly Lach Trash: $78,200 (Wk. 33)

Lowest Weekly Triple Stumpers: 22 (Wk. 19)
Highest Weekly Triple Stumpers: 65 (Wk. 33)

Least Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses) in one week: $29,000 (Wk. 14)
Most Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less-double correct responses) in one week: $61,200 (Wk. 29)

Biggest One-Day Score: $71,821 (Cris Pannullo;  Nov. 24)

$50,000+ Wins ($75K+ for Celeb J!): 4

Biggest Champions: Cris Pannullo ($748,286; Regular Play); Jessica Stephens ($35,000; Second Chance Tournament 1); Rowan Ward ($35,000; Second Chance Tournament 2); Amy Schneider ($250,000; Tournament of Champions); Ike Barinholtz ($1,000,000; Celeb J!); Justin Bolsen ($100,000; High School Reunion Tournament), James Holzhauer ($500,000; Masters)

Lowest-Scoring Win: $1,200 (Devin Lohman; Apr. 19; Regular Play); $5,300 (Jessica Stephens; Oct. 21; Second Chance)

Lowest Departure-Score: Devin Lohman ($1,200 + $1K consolation)

Lowest Score: -$2,000 (Alec Wang; Regular Play); -$5,800 (Jessica Stephens; Tournament of Champions)

Lock Games: 89

Lock-Ties: 2

Daily Double Sweeps This Week: 4 (Regular: 1; Masters: 3)

  • 3-for-3: 4
  • 2-for-2: 0
  • 1-for-1: 0

Daily Double Sweeps for the Season: 95

  • 3-for-3: 95 (Five 6-for-6 instances on Celeb J!)
  • 2-for-2: 0
  • 1-for-1: 0

Perfect DD Weeks: 0

Daily Double Shutouts

-This Week: 1
-Season: 2

Unplayed Daily Double Clues (DD clues gone to waste)

-This Week: 0
-Season: 0

Final Jeopardy! Sweeps This Week: 3 (Regular: 1; Masters: 2)

  • 3-for-3: 3
  • 2-for-2: 0
  • 1-for-1: 0

Final Jeopardy! Sweeps for the Season: 36

  • 3-for-3: 32
  • 2-for-2: 4
  • 1-for-1: 0

FJ! Triple Stumpers

-This Week: 6 (Regular: 3; Masters: 3)
-Season: 54

FJ! Busts (Finish with $0)

-This Week: 2 (Regular: 1 (Champion Busts: 1); Masters: 1)
-Season: 42 (Champion Busts: 3)

Aced Games (Must be 3-for-3 each for DDs & FJ): 17

Total Washouts (0-for-X each for DDs & FJ): 2

Gooseegg Victims Before FJ!: 12 (Champion Gooseeggs: 0)

TOTAL TRAINWRECKS (No Winner): 0 (Times no one qualified for FJ!: 0)

5+-day Champions (Longest Winning Streaks): 6 (21 days; Cris Pannullo)

Champion Win Record: 89-52 (.631)

CHAMPION SWEEPS (5-0 or 4-1 (after starting 0-1)): 7
4-1 Weeks (after starting 1-0): 4
3-2 Weeks: 8
2-3 Weeks: 4
1-4 Weeks: 3
OTHER: 3 (Week 26: 1-0; Week 32: 1-3; Week 36: 5-1)

Tiebreakers: 0

Champions Dethroned This Week: 4

-2nd Place ($2K Consolation): 2
-3rd Place ($1K Consolation): 2

Champions Dethroned This Season: 53

-2nd Place ($2K Consolation): 32
-3rd Place ($1K Consolation): 21

Player of the Week: None (Regular); James Holzhauer (Masters)

Toughest Final Jeopardy! Category: Regular: Shakespeare’s Characters; Masters: Real People in Shakespeare

My Weekly Rating: 7