Contestant of the Week (& Month) for July 26-30, 2021

This week’s Contestant/Zonk Contestants of the Week will be merged w/ Contestant/Zonk Contestants of the Month, and honorable/dishonorable mentions will be skipped.

Matt Amodio is your Contestant of the Week & Month, not only becoming the first contestant going into next week to play under three different hosts but also proving himself worthy among the show’s all-time greats. He has swept the week & is going into the weekend w/ a whopping 8-day total of $291,200, far eclipsing previous regular-play season-leader Brian Chang ($165,904), put together the second highest individual Coryat score of all time ($39,000; $200 off of Ken Jennings’ record), fifth highest two-day combined individual Coryat ($70K; Jul. 29-30), this season’s highest single-day total ($74K) & his buzzer speed has been compared to that of Ken Jennings’, and that’s not all! If he can keep it going then he may just earn a spot in The Chase if he’s interested. Fans on Twitter apparently aren’t happy about this fact, however.

Patrick Pearce is your Zonk Contestant of the Week & Month. Matt Amodio wasn’t the only one to make history on Jeopardy! this week as Patrick Pearce also wrote his name into the history books, though for all the wrong reasons. He was $200 in the red after the Jeopardy! round, but the Double Jeopardy! round was where things really took a turn for the worse… he had more incorrect responses than correct responses (10 R, 11 W), wagered $2,000 from $1,000 in the hole but unfortunately tripled that hole, and he never recovered. The snowball didn’t stop rolling & that eventually ended w/ him ultimately missing Final Jeopardy! and breaking Stephanie Hull’s record for lowest score of all-time with -$7,400, though Joan Kantor from Season 1 w/ -$5,100 would still hold the outright record (-$10,200) taking doubled dollar values into account.


Contestant of the Month for May 2021

Better late than never. I’ve had a long two days.

Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions winner Sam Kavanaugh is your Contestant of the Month. Going into the Finals as the heavy favorite, that win solidified his reputation as one of the greatest Daily Double players in the history of the show, & he took home the $250,000 grand prize & the winnings was matched & donated to charity.

Julia Schettino from Wheel of Fortune is your Zonk Contestant of the Month, and here’s why…

First off, she scored BIG TIME BY CALLING NINE S’s ON $3,500 — that’s worth $31,500!! You won’t believe what happens next after this, however…

…SHE GAVE IT ALL RIGHT BACK & MADE A VERY UNFORTUNATE PURCHASE OF I & THREW AWAY $32,250 — OY VEY. She never quite recovered from that heartbreak but eventually managed to avoid being gooseegged & walked w/ $2,700 & a retired WC.

Contestant & ZONK Contestant of the Month

This Contestant of the Month belongs to the Biggest wheel Winner of season 38 which being Laura Trammell.  Laura Trammel enter the BR with $23K.  She solved the BR Puzzle of I CAUGHT A GLIMPSE, and then she won a New Margaritaville Home worth a. Whopping $375K giving her a monumental total of near $400K in cash and prizes.

ZONK Contestant of the Month is Sarica of LMAD. If you ever plan to go on the show & you’ve watched enough of it then you would know you would have to play to win a car, not just accept an offer for one like a regular deal (except for the Big Deal). Well, apparently Sarica didn’t grasp that & fell for an obvious ZONK car trap despite Wayne & Jonathan’s repeated efforts to turn her over to other deals. If you can’t understand that you’ll be presented a challenge to win the car & not just be handed it, then you shouldn’t go on the show. I know you said you needed a car, but that’s NOT the way to get one.

Contestant of the Month of March 2020

After a Month of Game show Contestants winning, I came to this: The Contestant of the Month Belongs to…




Rebekah from the 3rd S.P. of The Wall. Rebekah, who is a survivor of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing that I mentioned Before kicked things off for this new season of The Wall From Sunday March 15 in a big way Setting an ALL TIME RECORD OF $1,455,631!

Honorable Mentions: Brittany who lost her Pricing Game (3/25) became the 3rd Double Showcase Winner; Dana & Christian’s incredible maingame on WOF College Week March 16 & 17, respectively, w/ the latter turning out to be our sole BR winner of that week and March 23-27 WOF Week posted its First Winning Week.

The Contestant of the Month of February 2020

Based on the Performances of Game shows winners this month, The Contestant of the Month belongs to MacKenzie for her 8 day run on Jeopardy as Champion and getting her in 3rd in the Tournament of Champions Tracker.

Honorable Mentions: When you talk about winning Over $100K after winning the Showcase and The Dream Car from Dream Car Week, Monique did that. Also on the list: Suffin ends the Gas Money losing Streak on TPIR. Top-notch. Deborah for hitting $26K on the wheel for getting Double Dollar, and Cat and Lisa’s Big BR win got them as Season 37 Leaders.