Contestant of the Year 2022

Contestant(s) of the Year: Amy Schneider wins the 2022 ToC; Ryan Zsiga wins $100K+ the hard way on Wheel XL premiere week; The Lebonese dance troupe Mayyas win $1M becoming the 17th AGT champs; Taylor Hale not only becomes the first African-American HouseGuest to win Big Brother but also the first to win America’s Favorite HouseGuest, and she was awarded $800K ($750K for the championship, plus $50K for being the winning HouseGuest) for that

Honorable Mentions: Andrew He and Sam Buttery were the other finalists along w/ Amy; and don’t forget about Ryan Long and Mattea Roach; We had a PBRW on Wheel for the second yr. in a row; Lorraine & Mark Mendiola went against all odds on the TPiR primetime special and won a difficult setup of Cliffhangers & went to face the Yuns in the showcase w/ $55,526 (both couples were car game winners, BTW)

Zonk Contestant(s) of the Year: Jake Marvin came totally unprepared on the 7/5 ep. of J!; Christy Snider WSD’d by $34 in a double over; Nicholas Garabedian foolishly bid $52K on his trip/boat showcase and was over by a whopping $17,843 on what has to have been one of the DUMBEST overbids in the show’s history; Monica’s One Fish, Two Fish Car Pong fiasco resulting in her not getting a single ball into one cup leaving the game empty-handed; Robyn Brewer’s sloppy performance after a painful BANKRUPT and her search for a husband got harder; Alejandra Gomez-Murillo’s brutal playing of Triple Play losing out on a potential $140K in cash and prizes; Same story as Alejandra for Sandra, Linda & Kathleen during the Friendsgiving special; Zach Flax paid a hefty price for his greed because in the Bonus Round on PYL he was close to approaching the $500K mark to win $1 million and left w/ a measly $27,750 ($25K in the last spin plus $2,750 from the maingame) due to his unnecessary Whammy

Best Moments: Double $100K win Celeb Wheel episode on 10/9; More $100K wins on Wheel including the first-ever instance of not two but three in a row (and also the first time that many had occurred in the same wk.); Melissa Parrigo wins a ’22 Audi E-Tron worth a whopping $123,950 from 10 Chances; Mike Halpern celebrating his $100K win by making confetti angels; Zakia gives up a Jeep for a 111-day $76,006 cruise; Joel Madden wins $100K rebounding from his $1M loss

Worst Moments: Awful quarterfinals round of the J! National College Championship (especially the last games); Disastrous month of June for J!; The nightmare of Hawaii Week on Wheel which was indeed one of the worst weeks of the entire series; Awful Season 3 of Celeb Wheel save for few highlights; Andre Rush’s brutal playing of One Die Galaxy w/ a $347,093 Lamborghini in play; FEATHER IN YOUR CAP fiasco and its sequels; Kristine Thompson dropping the F-bomb on Wheel; A WHOPPING NINE AIRED DUDS (four in a row (incl. a very baffling F call early on) and then after the good C another five in a row) during S-U on the 4/6 WoF ep.; Three straight BD skunks for the first time since May 2015 and first before Easter since 2018; Megan Wachspress won a measly $401 on her fifth game which resulted in her setting a record for lowest five-day score in modern J! history; Alane Delinski almost instantly becomes a $1M loser in the Bellamie Blackstone era; Joel Madden becomes the second celebrity to lose $1M on Celeb Wheel; Both XL weeks so far had $100K losses on Day 2; Possibly the first-ever instance of four straight BD knockouts on LMaD late November (and also a car game gooseegg for that month, and that is believed to be the worst month in the show’s entire history)


Contestant of the Year 2021

Contestant(s) of the Year: Matt Amodio’s Great run winning $1.5 Million before being dethrone by Jonathan Fisher, Amy Schneider for her Continuing Winning Ways.

Honorable Mentions: Pay The Rent Huge Win, The Melgoza’s Great More or Less win

Zonk Contestant(s) of the Year: Tiffany and Michael from TPIR suffered a Wipeout in Triple Play and Golden Road respectively

Best Moments: Melissa Joan Hart, Million Dollar win on CWoF

Worst Moments: Double Overs in Showcase, Accelerator wipeout and a Heartbreaking Loss in Race to the Finish

Contestants of the Year 2020


Favorite Contestant(s) of the Year: TPIR: Derricksons for Winning Triple Play, Anne for winning Golden Road, Flowers for winning the Showcase winning over $102K and Roberto who won $100K From Pay the Rent(Contestant of the Month of December).

Honorable Mentions: Patrick from WOF Winning $100K Ending the Long Drought of Grand Prize, and Steven for Winning Alfa Romeos from LMAD(Contestant of the Month of December)

Zonk Moments of the Year: Renee Blowing an Easy BR, and unfortunately 3 Double Overs in One Month.


Favorite Contestant(s) of the Year: LMAD: Steven wins a pair of Alfa Romeos in the BD. TPIR: The Derricks family wins all three cars in Triple Play: J!: Ken Jennings wins the G.O.A.T. Tourmanent. WOF: Dave Andrade breaks $100K the hard way in a show-stopping performance.

Honorable Mentions: This year’s Kids Week on TPIR was better than last yr’s even being one episode short, and Patrick snapping the grand prize win drought on Wheel.

Zonk Moments of the Year: Renee Blowing an Easy BR, Dennis also blowing an easy BR triggering a $100K LOSS, and Janeris & Jesenia are the Embarrassments of the Year — Because this pair played so poorly it made us really angry. And they turned down a $300K contract & went home with a measly $104 making them the lowest-scoring winners in the history of the show.


Favorite Contestant(s) of the Year: Hechtan & Hector win $1,749,907 on the Wall

Honorable Mentions: Derricksons winning Triple Play despite the promo spoiled the outcame and Steven wins 2 Alfas on LMAD

Zonk Moments of the Year: Priscilla of Jeopardy played horrible on the January 16th episode and too many $0 winners on the Wall.


Favorite Contestant(s) of the Year are – LMAD: Steven wins a pair of Alfa Romeos in the BD. TPIR: Anne winning a brand new Porsche in Golden Road. J!: Ken Jennings wins the GOAT Tournament. Excluding primetime, Ben Henri wins this year’s Teachers Tournament. Regular play, I’ll say Brayden Smith even if the most recent episode was godawful. WOF: Dave Andrade breaks $100K the hard way in a show-stopping performance.

Honorable Mentions: Shed (LMAD), Beth (LMAD), Derrickses (TPIR), Flowerses (TPIR), Roberto (TPIR), Heather despite the G-R wipeout (TPIR), Mackenzie Jones (J!), Christian Dixie (WOF), Tony Harrison (WOF), Ash Colwell (WOF), Patrick McIntosh (WOF)

Zonk Moments: All 4 Double overs in S49 – the Xmas eve one hit the hardest (TPIR), a 10-day BD winless streak on LMAD in May, a handful of contestants blowing an easy final – the 9/25/20 episode for example (J!), Dennis Savarez blows an easy $100K despite getting good help on MAJOR CITY (WOF)

The Contestant of the Year and the Contestants of the Decade.

My Contestant of the Year Goes To: James Holzhauer of Jeopardy. His Performance netted him over $2.4 Million in his Run. He Returned to Win another $250K from the Tournament of Champions. We’ll see him again when battles Ken Jennings & Brad Rutter Wednesday Night. Honorable Mentions: 2 Michaels from Price is Right who became the Biggest Winners of Season 48. One of them was Michael Knapp, Jr. who won $100K from let em’ Roll and then won his Showcase winning over $134K and Michael Stouber who played Plinko winning $202K and then went on to win his Showcase Becoming the Biggest Winner in Daytime History winning over $262K

My Contestant of the Decade Belongs to: Brad Rutter from Jeopardy for winning Battle of the Decades and winning the All Star Games which Keep him as the Biggest Money Winner in Jeopardy History

Skipps’ Contestant of the Year Goes To James Holzhauer for all the reasons above.

Skipps’ Contestant of the Decade Belongs to: Brad Rutter for all the reasons above.

Ismael’s Contestant of the Year Goes To James Holzauher

Ismael’s Contestant of the Decade Belongs to: Michael, Sheree and Christen for becoming the biggest winner in daytime Price history