Contestant of the Week for May 22-26, 2023

James Holzhauer is your Contestant of the Week and here’s Why. He dominated Jeopardy Masters, won more games to clinch the Final to Face Matt Amodio(Who won $150K for 3rd) and Mattea Roach(Who won $250K For 2nd), and Ultimately went on to win Jeopardy Masters Championship Won $500,000.  Also Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho who is the SURVIVOR 44 Champion is Also your Contestant of the Week. Honorable Mentions: Leann’s Perfect Playing of Remember When Sending her on South Pacific Vacation; Lorena Iniguez’s Perfect Playing of Stack the Deck thanks to her Mom, Nina Carlson who lost the Car from One Away won $11K & The High Showcase on Wednesday and David Bookman’s Amazing 1/2 off win with 4 Boxes, Only Retta Alexander & Julian Hernandez salvaged the BR winning the $40K This Week

Natashia is Unfortunately your Zonk Contestant of the Week and here’s Why, She risked the Pinball Machine to add another Prize in Race to the Finish and Sadly She Pulled a Club which ended her run. Nominees: Dishonorable Mentions: Scary Toss Ups from Monday’s Wheel: Riley Richmond & Linda Philipp Blown a TTU Sweep with NEWFOUNDLAND, Jess McPeak was DQ’d for leaving out R (When she said DIVING INSTRUCTOR) and Too Many Duds in the Speed Round; Tuesday’s Episode of TPiR saw Rashyta Anderson though the Big Prize was $3,049 (This is 2023 not 1999) when playing Balance Game, A Terrible Episode of Friday’s TPiR saw no car win resulting in a Measly 1 win resulting in 11/30 games won. We saw 6 Triple Stumpers in Jeopardy and Jeopardy Masters This week (Absolute Worst) and a Disappointing Grand Getaways week with a 1-4 week especially from that Terrible Thursday episode (Worse than Season 35)