Ground Rules

This site is a place where we talk about past and present episodes of Let’s Make a Deal, The Price is Right, Jeopardy! & Wheel of Fortune. We may also talk about news of past contestants on other game shows and the future of these shows. We’ll need to be careful about our words since contestants ARE reading this site. When you join in on the discussion here on our site, think of stepping into our virtual living room. I always love to have a great conversation with new people. But we need to have some guidelines, so we don’t want things to get out of hand. You, the comment authors, are responsible for the content of your own contribution.

The number one rule on our site is NO ATTACKING US ADMINS. In other words, you are NOT allowed to use…

  • profanity (except when used in good context)
  • personal attacks
  • name-calling

We only attack the real haters — TROLLS. We will stop at nothing to put these jerks in jail.

More comment guidelines:

  • Use a screename or your real name (NO ANONYMOUS names, please! We have to know who you are!), but if you are a past contestant on one of the shows, we prefer that you USE YOUR REAL NAME when you make your reply in the comment box.
  • Your email IS REQUIRED and we may use it to contact you privately. Remember that it won’t be published. For the sake of privacy, don’t leave your email in the body of the comment box; leave it in the box where it says email when you make your reply.
  • Do NOT masquerade as someone else. You are and ONLY one person.
  • NO SPAMMING. WordPress automatically filters out comments that have spam advertisements.
  • Please stay on topic as much as possible on our posts.
  • Be respectful of other comment authors.

And about harsh ratings, we put each of our separate ratings into the same post to solve the problem about harsh ratings. If you are going to give a harsh rating you better have a good reason for it.

If there is a Double Over in TPIR, Big Deal being revealed second & lost in LMAD, Daily Double shutout/Triple Stumper/No winner on Jeopardy! or a $100,000/$1M loss on Wheel, whether in a past or present or fictional episode, we DON’T want to hear anybody tell us to change Double Overs, BD Knockouts, Jeopardy! washouts or $100,000/$1M losses into technical wins. A LOSS is a LOSS. Any violation of this rule will be SEVERELY PUNISHED.

If you violate one of our rules, we will send a warning message against you via email. Do it again, and you’ll be asked to leave. Repeat offenders will have their IP address and email associated with your comment blacklisted.

Your comments will be awaiting moderation when you make your reply. We have the right to only publish the comments we find relevant and appropriate to the conversation and to edit or delete comments which violate guidelines. We do have busy schedules and we try to get to all of them if your comments are in moderation, so please be patient.

Let’s play nice and have fun and enjoy your time on our site! It’s not just my site, it’s yours & ours, too!