Moment of the Week of 12/7-11/2020

Best Moments of the Week was Brandi Snapping a 8 Day BR Losing Streak resulting her in winning $52,700 after $38K win on Wheel of Fortune.  Another Best Moment was Price is Right Episode with John Playing Pocket Change needed exactly a Dollar and he hit it on the Money, and the Other one was from 12/10/2020 with That’s Too Much & Money Game win.

Worst Moment of the Week was From a Godawful Episode of Jeopardy from 12/11/2020.  That Episode threw it away because of No FJ Answers Correct, not even a DD.  That Resulted in Kate winning $5,599 and a Coryat Score of $28K.


Game Show Moment of the Week – For 1/20/2020-1/24/2020

The Game Show Moment of the Week goes to Timothy Balsamo from The Price is Right from January 22. His Playing from Cover Up Pricing Game and He got the Price Correct on his First Try. First Since 2007. In Fact this is the First Time in Drew Carey’s Hosting that a Contestant Got it Right on the First Try. And to Top it off, he Won his Showcase winning his Second Car and Won over $65K.

Honorable Mention Moment belongs to the First Ever Perfect Playing in Spell Out Winner from Let’s Make a Deal January 21. Melyssa and Janessa played with Melyssa went First and Ultimately Janessa won with Both Spelling out Winner without Both Drawing Zonks.