Starting Today: My Ratings will be Colored

Ant0824’s Ratings will be Colored for All instead of Just 1 and 10.

Here are my Following Ratings in Color

11 or Higher – For Perfect Shows & Double Showcase Winner + All Perfect Deals + Big Deal win, Contestant wins More than $130K after winning the $100K or $1M, Total Clean Sweep on Jeopardy (Platinum)

10+ – For Wheel Of Fortune’s $100K win or $1M win (Gold)

10+ – For Perfect TPIR Show or A Great Wheel of Fortune Show winning More Than $90K or Total Clean Sweep + All DDs & FJ Swept.

9-9.99 – BD Win, 5 of 6 Games won + Showcase & Others

8-8.99 – Same but with Both Car Games won in TPIR & Others (May also use Blue 8) (Silver)

7-7.99 – For Average Shows (May also use Yellow 7) (Bronze)

6-6.99 – For Episodes that Finish okay with 3 Games won no car win or Wheel’s Decent Ratings (Copper)

5-5.99 – Slightly Below Average (Plum)

4-4.99 Sub-Par (Red Violet)

3-3.99 – Disappointing (Piss-Poor Episodes) (Maroon)

2-2.99 – Even Dismal

1-1.99 – Worst Episodes

My New ratings will Take Effect Monday November 22 

Percentages will come in Play November 21, 2022

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