Game Shows You’re Most Likely to Win

I’ve received emails from Jenna Adams, a marketing coordinator for time2play on game shows you’re most likely to win (they automatically ended up in my spam folder so I had to manually mark them as ‘Not Spam’). This study shows statistics on things such as longest-running game shows (as of now), most-searched game shows on a monthly average, genres w/ the highest win probability, genders overall chance of winning, and game shows you’re most likely to win (and gender most likely to win said show). Click HERE for the full report, the statistics may surprise you. Andynwof has also been contacted about this study, so you can check out his summary here.

In my summary, we will keep things short & straight-to-the-point like our Quickcaps have a reputation for and show you the most relevant statistics of the study sorted top-to-bottom highest-to-lowest chances: Average Chance of Winning Genre & Game Shows You’re Most Likely to Win Top Prize (Gender statistics will be ignored as the # of entrants per gender & the probability of luck vs. skill have to be accounted for).

Let’s get started…

Average Chance of Winning Genre:

Dating – 12.98%

Gameshow – 12.68%

Reality – 6.27%

Cooking – 6.02%

Game Shows You’re Most Likely to Win Top Prize:

Family Feud – 50.00%

Too Hot to Handle – 37.93%

Dancing with the stars – 16.52%

The Amazing Race – 11.31%

Holiday Baking Championship – 10.45%

The Circle – 7.89%

Big Brother – 6.91%

Worst Cooks in America – 6.82%

Survivor – 6.74%

Love Island US – 6.67%

Hell’s Kitchen – 6.02%

Top Chef – 5.67%

Masterchef – 5.19%

American Idol – 3.96%

The Bachelorette – 3.77%

The Bachelor – 3.56%

The Voice- 2.22%

Chopped – 1.97%

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – 0.71%

America’s got talent – 0.63%

American Ninja Warrior – 0.01%

Wheel of Fortune – 0.01%

Jeopardy! – 0.01%

Pyramid – N/A

The Price is Right – N/A

I hope you’ve enjoyed this summary!