Contestant of the Year 2022

Contestant(s) of the Year: Amy Schneider wins the 2022 ToC; Ryan Zsiga wins $100K+ the hard way on Wheel XL premiere week; The Lebonese dance troupe Mayyas win $1M becoming the 17th AGT champs; Taylor Hale not only becomes the first African-American HouseGuest to win Big Brother but also the first to win America’s Favorite HouseGuest, and she was awarded $800K ($750K for the championship, plus $50K for being the winning HouseGuest) for that

Honorable Mentions: Andrew He and Sam Buttery were the other finalists along w/ Amy; and don’t forget about Ryan Long and Mattea Roach; We had a PBRW on Wheel for the second yr. in a row; Lorraine & Mark Mendiola went against all odds on the TPiR primetime special and won a difficult setup of Cliffhangers & went to face the Yuns in the showcase w/ $55,526 (both couples were car game winners, BTW)

Zonk Contestant(s) of the Year: Jake Marvin came totally unprepared on the 7/5 ep. of J!; Christy Snider WSD’d by $34 in a double over; Nicholas Garabedian foolishly bid $52K on his trip/boat showcase and was over by a whopping $17,843 on what has to have been one of the DUMBEST overbids in the show’s history; Monica’s One Fish, Two Fish Car Pong fiasco resulting in her not getting a single ball into one cup leaving the game empty-handed; Robyn Brewer’s sloppy performance after a painful BANKRUPT and her search for a husband got harder; Alejandra Gomez-Murillo’s brutal playing of Triple Play losing out on a potential $140K in cash and prizes; Same story as Alejandra for Sandra, Linda & Kathleen during the Friendsgiving special; Zach Flax paid a hefty price for his greed because in the Bonus Round on PYL he was close to approaching the $500K mark to win $1 million and left w/ a measly $27,750 ($25K in the last spin plus $2,750 from the maingame) due to his unnecessary Whammy

Best Moments: Double $100K win Celeb Wheel episode on 10/9; More $100K wins on Wheel including the first-ever instance of not two but three in a row (and also the first time that many had occurred in the same wk.); Melissa Parrigo wins a ’22 Audi E-Tron worth a whopping $123,950 from 10 Chances; Mike Halpern celebrating his $100K win by making confetti angels; Zakia gives up a Jeep for a 111-day $76,006 cruise; Joel Madden wins $100K rebounding from his $1M loss

Worst Moments: Awful quarterfinals round of the J! National College Championship (especially the last games); Disastrous month of June for J!; The nightmare of Hawaii Week on Wheel which was indeed one of the worst weeks of the entire series; Awful Season 3 of Celeb Wheel save for few highlights; Andre Rush’s brutal playing of One Die Galaxy w/ a $347,093 Lamborghini in play; FEATHER IN YOUR CAP fiasco and its sequels; Kristine Thompson dropping the F-bomb on Wheel; A WHOPPING NINE AIRED DUDS (four in a row (incl. a very baffling F call early on) and then after the good C another five in a row) during S-U on the 4/6 WoF ep.; Three straight BD skunks for the first time since May 2015 and first before Easter since 2018; Megan Wachspress won a measly $401 on her fifth game which resulted in her setting a record for lowest five-day score in modern J! history; Alane Delinski almost instantly becomes a $1M loser in the Bellamie Blackstone era; Joel Madden becomes the second celebrity to lose $1M on Celeb Wheel; Both XL weeks so far had $100K losses on Day 2; Possibly the first-ever instance of four straight BD knockouts on LMaD late November (and also a car game gooseegg for that month, and that is believed to be the worst month in the show’s entire history)


Our New Identity — The Evolution Continues

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