WoF Retro Quickcap: January 21, 2003

Last WHEEL dishonorable of 2022 goes to a random S20 episode with the theme week being American Travel. This week (plus Teen Best Friends) use the 1997 variant of the main puzzle solve cue for some reason. 

Contestants that might have a chance to embark on some CONNECTING FLIGHTS
Sal Bottone: Waterford, CT. Structural designer who’s married 23 years with a son.
Hilda Patrician: Montrose, CA. Pharmateutical sales rep/oxygen respiratory, also a 15-year piano player and a 5-year teacher, plus she coaches fastball and is married to Patrick for 3 months.
Shannon Stovern: Conyers. Born and raised in Georgia making her a “True Georgia Peach”, and she’s a mother of one (married 5 years to Brett; her son is named Harrison). She enjoys tennis, softball and water skiing.

Final Scores: Hilda: DESERVING $500 GOOSEEGG/Shannon: $8,150/Sal: $6,900

GT: $15,550

Scary Moments

In R1…

_ _ _ I _ I N _
W I T H / T H E
T O _ / D O W N

…after picking up the $10K, Sal makes a COSTLY E REPURCHASE, costing him $13,900. Hilda doesn’t do any better with a D repeat two spins later (she probably had DRIVING on her mind, which made no sense at all.

In R2…

R U _ _ E R
C H I C K E N / C A E S A R

Hilda BOMBS OUT thinking the remaining consonant pair is an M. If that isn’t bad enough, Shannon wastes a $9,900 Jackpot opportunity with a P – UGH.

In the next round, Sal spins up a FATAL LaT to let another five-figure opportunity go to waste ($13,700; he called the T’s on $3,500). Later…

M U S I C / S T _ R
S _ _ N I _ / T _ _ I N 

Hilda calls a questionable dud of G.

R4 (which was a full speed-up) was the last case of a three-liner appearing in this part of the game, but it wouldn’t matter as Sal ended up being a consonant short of a win (and Pat was two spokes away from $5K, which really would’ve made up for some lost ground).

BR Vehicles: Nissan 350Z, Acura MDX ($38,800)

BR Category: ON THE MAP

Bonus Round: Despite a generous amount of help, Shannon still blanks on WINNIPEG, costing her $50K. It could’ve been worse, though, had she landed on the C next door (she spun orange), she would’ve lost $100K.

Still, she’s got some explaining to do regarding that baffling loss.

Closing Chat: Pat talks about how he was standing in the shower in the morning. When he looks at his stomach as he often does, the light sometimes hits it, and it looks like the upside down face of VP Dick Cheney. Vanna is speechless (same for me). This is the kind of flack that makes Pat a popular target for Twitter clickbait stories.

My Rating: 2 (only because of no Bankrupt trash)


Boot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims

Hilda, do better.



Game Show Monthly Stats for December

The Price is Right

  • Total for the Month: $1,654,197
  • Pricing Games won This Month: 54/102 (10 Partials)
  • First Four Victims: 7
  • SCSD Dud Spins: 5
  • Showcase Wins: Bigger: 12; Smaller: 6
  • Double Showcase Winners: 2
  • Lowest Winner after winning the Showcase for the Month: Montague Williams ($26,484)
  • Highest Winner after winning the Showcase for the Month: The Ford Family ($130,077)

Let’s Make A Deal

  • Total Perfect Deals This Month(Green): 18
  • Perfect Deal Trash December: 5
  • Total Car wins This Month: 3
  • Car Game Wipeouts For December: 2
  • ZONK Victims: 39
  • Dodged ZONKs: 18
  • Big Deal Stats for the Month: Big Deals: 6; Medium Deals: 4; Small Deals: 7
  • Quickie Deals Won For December: 37/42 (4 Partial)


  • Total Winnings for the Month: $691,059
  • Coryat Score this Month: $877,000
  • Total Lach trash (triple stumpers) for the Month: $160,600+ & 141 Triple Stumpers
  • Correct/Incorrect For the Month: 1157/152
  • Rebounds/Rebound Attempts for the Month: 77/95
  • Unplayed Clues ($ left on board) This Month: 0 ($0)

Wheel of Fortune

  • Total for the Month: $1,242,310
  • This Month’s BANKRUPT Trash: $96,400 + (1 Unknown value of Trip)
  • BR Record: 9 Wins – 13 Losses
  • Lowest Winner of Month: Bree Pecci ($10,500)
  • Highest Winner of Month: Laura Fagan ($92,190)