Contestant of the Week for December 12-16, 2022

Mike Gabler, Survivor 43 winner (and becoming the second-oldest to win on the show at 52; Bob Crowley was oldest at 57 when he won Survivor 17 in 2008), is your Contestant of the Week committing the selfless act of donating his $1 million in winnings to Veterans In Need (and his father Robert was a Green Beret).

Honorable mentions:

-Bryce Leatherwood became the 22nd champion of THE VOICE.

-Kathleen Peterson won two cars on the shortened week of TPiR (one from the showcase).

-Kenneth won the cash vault BD snapping the losing skid for the BD revealing second.

-Long Island native Sean McShane collected $80,401 on a three-day run on J! before finishing up on Thursday. Also, there were SEASON-BESTS for both the weekly combined Coryat as well as least Coryat lost to incorrect responses for the week (the latter by $400 cutting under the previous season record).

-Laura Fagan completely dominated Monday’s episode of Wheel and lead the way to a 4-1 run in the BR this week (first time this season we had at least four wins not including primetime in a week) coming off of last week’s SKUNKING, finishing up for a final total of $92,190 cash & Expedition and bringing the GT to $510 shy of $100K!

And speaking of 4-1 on Wheel, Michael C.B. Junior on Friday’s episode is your Zonk Contestant of the Week. He got off to a good start w/ his big R1 PR where he won $14,640 cash & Disneyland from that round. But then, although he won an additional $1,500 from R2, the episode started fundamentally falling apart when his opponents made a handful of mistakes and Rounds 2-4 were riddled w/ duds like much of this week minus Monday. He then went into the BR w/ $21,940 cash, trip and chance at $1 million (and the sparkly pink WC to hopefully help). We weren’t sure on his choice of WAYD? as category, but we felt good about his chances when RSTLNE gave him this…

_ _ L _ _ N _
_ _ R S E L _ E S

MPCA and H give him the first three letters in the first word…

A P P L _ _ N _
_ _ R S E L _ E S

You Expect: He would seal the deal w/ APPLYING OURSELVES for the PBRW and easy $50K payout to avert the $40K minimum sweep making this week a stark contrast to last week’s skunked first week of Secret Santa.

InsteadHe blows it BIG TIME by adding the unnecessary Y at the beginning of the second word — I could understand YOURSELF/YOURSELVES being far more common especially for this category than OURSELVES, but in this case it is so contextually wrong. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for him to not get that. -___-

Dishonorable mentions:

-Another double-loss Celeb Wheel episode (which I gladly skipped watching and leaving a rating on) w/ Fortune Feimster losing $75K in her BR.

-Two TOTAL FLAMEOUTS on LMaD this week (one via BD trade-down; the former also saw many chances at $10K being won go down the drain including one that stacked along w/ an Island Windjammers cruise & trip to Greece worth $20,795 as the BD giving us at least our fourth $30K+ BD loss this season) and a potential third being averted by a BD win.

-Spell Out w/ the Worldwide Wednesday trip, a two-week South American expedition (natural habitat Adventure in the Amazon & trips to Peru & Argentina) worth $39,151 in play, ended w/ a PAINFUL BAILOUT.

-We also have our sixth car game skunk on LMaD this season (and not to mention a TOTAL CAR SKUNK when Dona failed to win a Hyundai Elantra in the BD).

-Challengers & co-workers My & Gaby were granted an automatic GAME OVER after only getting one green word in R2 and shutout in R1 of Thursday’s 25 Words episode.