WoF Quickap: 12/8/2022


Thursday Secret Santas left to right
Jonathan Gordon, a research analyst at a dental implant company and newlywed to Ayana from Birmingham, AL
Natalie Freeman, a married lady to Jeremy w/ two daughters who can rap pretty well (that’s without a W) and collects over 100 individual pairs of Disney ears West Hills, CA
Marianne Walker, a married lady to military man Dustin w/ three children (anytime the hubby travels, she and the kids make a big bag of popcorn and they sit down and watch their favorite movie in the living room) from Bolton, MA

Final Scores: Jonathan: $3K/Natalie: $17,112 cash & prizes/Marianne: $11K

GT: $31,112
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $9,700 + WC

Scary moments

-Not that great of a game w/ too many penalties, most notably this on EXPRESS

F L O A T I N G / D O W N
A / L A _ _ / _ I _ E _

Jonathan CRASHES w/ B to lose $4,750 — Where did you think that was going to fit, sir?! -__-


$100K Bonus Round: Because Natalie wasn’t QUICK TO ACTION she loses the $40K (QU- trap strikes again).

ant0824’s Rating: 1

My Rating: 2 (F-)

Skipps’ Rating: 4 (F+)


J! Quickcap: 12/8/2022

Today’s challengers 
-A.Z. Madonna, a music journalist from Malden, MA
-Sriram Krishnan, a consultant from Falls Church, VA

Returning champion: Ron Cheung (1-day $19,599)

Correct/Incorrect: 52/7
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 3/3

Unplayed Clues ($ left on the board): 0 ($0)

Coryat Score: $42,400 (-$1,400 vs. yesterday)
Lach Trash: $6,600 from 7 triple stumpers (-$800 and +2 TS’s vs. yesterday)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $5,000 (+$2,200 vs. yesterday)

Daily Double Correct Answers: 2

Pre-FJ! Scores: Sriram: $21,800 (LOCK)/Ron: $10,800/A.Z.: $8K (Combined: $40,600)

Unless Sriram somehow overbids and is wrong and Ron bets everything and is right this guarantees a losing week for returning champs.

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 0 (Correct: What is Manhattan?)

Winner: Sriram ($21,800)

Ron departs w/ $21,599 and wrapping up the week from the tri-state will be Ellen LaBerge from Syracuse, NY and Matthew Ott orig. from Boston, MA.

My Rating: 6 (D+)

LMaD Quickcap: 12/8/2022

Let's Make a Deal logo

Perfect Deals: 2

Car Wins?: Yes (From Race to the Finish)

Zonk Victims: Daniela, Carl, Suzanne
Zonk Survivor: Ondria

Big Deal revealed 2-1-3 (Ondria- gives up Prizes Totaling $5,109):
SD (#1): “LEGENDS ARCADE” & foosball table/cooler ($3,498)
MD (#2): Almost Heaven Sauna + slingback chair ($8,435)
BD (#3): EVERYTHING incl. Celestyal Mediterranean Cruise ($12,491)- W

Howard: Fruit other than grapes ($400)- $
Randi: Sunblock (Jonathan)($300)- $
Reana: Sunglasses case (Tiffany)($500)- $

My Rating: 7.5

Skipps’ Rating: 7 (C)

Boot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims
Pepé Le Pew’s plans have been foiled…. for now.

TPiR Quickcap: 12/8/2022

The Price is Right logo

First Four: Paul Diaz, Zoe Kapp, Joel Pollack & Vicki Mackay
Pick-a-Pair: Vicki ($1,430) Gets no Pairs

Followed By: Samuel Greene
Squeeze Play: Zoe ($1,798) Squeezes in the Winning Combination (GT: $8,381)

Up Next: Carrie Beveren
Temptation: Samuel ($1,210) Bails with the Prizes (GT: $5,830)

SCSD #1 Winner: Vicki

Coming on in: Rosa Garrett
Double Cross: Carrie ($920) Crosses Path to Victory (GT: $17,817)

Now Entering: Marc Morgan
5 Price Tags: Joel ($649) Ends up empty-handed after one Pick (GT: $769) (Future Contestants: Don’t call out false 4 Times, It leads to more losses)

Arriving on down: Nora Robles
Coming or Going: Marc ($1,648) Is Going… Home empty-handed

Doomed to FFBC
: Paul

SCSD #2 Winner: Marc

Showcase Winner: Marc ($29,313)

Total Games won: 2 out of 6 (1 Partial) – Total Winnings: $63,540

My rating: 3

Skipps’ Rating: 4 (F+)

Grizzly bear in water growling, mouth openBoot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims
Not your day today Paul

25 Words Quickcap: 12/8/2022


Challengers w/ Cheri Oteri: Deon & Ellesa (brother & sister in-law)
Champs w/ Tim Meadows: William & Sally (puzzle buddies) — 2-day $20K

Round 1
Turn #1 answers: JELLY, FLIPPER, EXIT, SPEED & THINK; Bid 11 (Cheri)- Ran out of room to THINK because she wasted a word on SPEED
Turn #2 answers (Deon v. William): SPICY, COCKPIT, CAVIAR, SHAVE & SOLO; Bid: 16 (Deon)- Gets on board w/ SOLO

Superfan of the Day: Darmawan (KTTV Fox 11 L.A.-has been cooking at home since the pandemic)

Turn #3 answers: THEATER, SWEEP, DRYER, HOME & HIKE; Bid: 15 (Sally)- Clear (Challengers: 250; Champs: 500)

Round 2
Green Words (250): VODKA (Tim), BIRTH, CHAFFEUR, HALFTIME (Tim) & GOOFY (Tim)
Yellow Words (500): TEQUILA (Cheri), PRADA (Cheri), TEMPERATURE (Cheri), RECEPTION (Cheri) & RAVE

At Stake: Cheri (3000); Tim (2750)

Challengers: Gets PEACEFUL in the nick of time to sweep (4250)
Champs (must sweep to win): Could never get SHOCK ABSORBER (Bed Bath & Beyond + $20K (guaranteed losing week for returning champs))

Money Round: Deon only gets one word so we can say goodbye to our PMRW bid — They will have to settle for that trip to Curaçao and they will be perspiring tomorrow

My Rating: 3 (F) (because of that brutal MR)

Mythman’s Rating: 3/10 (Its Worst MR Playing did my Rating In)

Grizzly bear in water growling, mouth open
That might’ve been the most painful playing of Money Round I have ever seen.