WoF Quickcap: 9/16/2022

Two-man panel to end the week
Zovi Ortiz, a married lady (she can’t remember how long though) nicknamed “Pistol Shrimp” from Lomita, CA
Brooke Richards (male), a married man of 13 years to Jean from Gainesville, GA
Michael Kearney, an Air Force captain and personnelist for 4 years whose dad served in the same branch for 30 years and retired two years ago from Las Vegas

Final Scores: Michael: $17,650 cash & C.R./Zovi: $1K/Brooke$35,700 cash & cruise

GT: $54,350
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $1,500

Scary moments

-In R2, Zovi surprisingly risked her MDW for the $10K MW…Well, IT ACTUALLY WORKED OUT! But then she REPEATS THE L on her very next turn — UGH. -___- If it weren’t for her $1K toss-up solve after restarting, she would’ve been awarded a DESERVING(?) $1K GOOSEEGG by us right there.

-The front game never quite regained traction from that as Brooke crashed in EXPRESS and we had two cut NULL CYCLEs during S-U.

Today’s topics: THING/F&G/WAYD?

For the first time since the unintended S37 finale we finally get to see a contestant’s supporter(s), and Brooke brought along Jean the wife.

$100K Bonus Round: I’m PROVING MY POINT to be giddy over Brooke BEATING THE BUZZER for the winning week, keeping the Friday BR winning streak alive, and he, too, drives home the BMW X3 worth $51,540!

Brooke’s Final Total: $87,240 cash & prizes

New GT: $105,890

ant0824’s Rating: 9.55

Adam’s Rating: 8

Skipps’ Rating: 8 (B-) (shaky maingame sans R1, but Brooke’s buzzer beater made up for it)

My Rating: 7 (C-)

Good News Bull (not to be confused w/ the Stamp of Approval)

The BR win would’ve been spoiled by the promos.

2 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 9/16/2022

  1. That XL Round 1 sure helped Brooke come out victorious after a rather bumpy maingame and become the other winner of that BMW. Michael also did pretty well for himself.

    If it weren’t for Zovi’s $1K Toss-Up solve after restarting, I would’ve given her the DESERVING $1K GOOSEEGG label, because that critical L repeat really put a damper on this episode.

    My Rating: 8 (B-)


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