TPiR Retro Quickcap: 5/25/2010

Since Wheel had a disappointed ending tonight, here is tonight’s dishonorable mention:

First Four: Alexa Anders, Steven Richard, Deanna Leslie and Daniel Gutierrez
Bonkers: Alexa ($2,859) went too bonkers and it cost her

Going next: Karen Todd
Five Price Tags: Deanna ($2,299) blew three picks on guessing the price of the Sonata GLS — SMH. -__- (GT: $2,628)

Next up: Patricia Barrett (Was previously on the show in ’82)
Switch?: Steven ($2,149) sure regretted his decision to switch which resulted in a skunked first half

SCSD #1 Winner: Steven

Next called down: Gabrielle Goodner
Grocery Game: Karen (by default; $1,299) overspent and had to put the groceries back

Next: Stephanie Brooks
Just as I thought this show couldn’t get any worse, we had an ALL-OVERBID on the pool table.
Most Expensive: Gabrielle ($1,400 + $500 PB) had gotten El Cheapo’d out by the leather chair

Once again our last chance to fight off Pepé Le Pew as this guy was arriving: Bill Ledford
That’s Too Much: Daniel ($1,940) escaped from the FFBC but not from the clutches of THAT DREADED SKUNK FOR THE SECOND STRAIGHT TIME and a car game wipeout

SCSD #2 Winner: Daniel

Showcase Winner: Daniel ($29,539)

We had suffered from BACK-TO-BACK PRICING GAME SKUNKINGS to start the week 0-for-12 (this was the 12th SKUNKING this season and 100th of the series) and the overall pricing game losing streak was now at 15 (three straight skunked halves). It didn’t help AT ALL that the previous episode was an EL SKUNKO (5th since 2/23/2006; And boy oh boy was 2010 a brutal year for this show because that was A DUBIOUS 12TH DOB of the year to this point) and was considered ONE OF THE WORST EPISODES OF THE ENTIRE SERIES as it was one of the few since 1995 to have a sub-$10K grand total.

Even though the rest of this week’s episodes after it (especially Wednesday) were an improvement, the damage was already done for the week.

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Skipps’ Rating: 1 (F-)

My Rating: 1 (F-)

Things were getting foul PRETTY FAST.

Flaming Bear


WoF Quickcap: 9/13/2022


This Cali trio oughta GO BIG OR GO HOME
Jennifer “Jen” Wright, a blackjack player whom recently played in her first tournament (she didn’t do that well) but almost won $500K a few years ago from Murietta
Amber Armstrong, a lady who cooks but takes existing recipes from big chefs married 4 yrs. to Phillip w/ one daughter from Elk Grove
Eric Muncal, a married man to Nicole w/ a newborn baby Campbell (the wife chose this name before she met him and this is a tribute to her dad’s last name) from Fullerton

Final Scores: Amber: $18,450 cash & St. Maarten XL/Eric: $6,500 cash & linens/Jen: $22,750

GT: $47,700
Jen’s Bankrupt Trash: $250 + XL and WC

Scary moment

-Anything that could’ve gone wrong did go wrong in R2 — Incorrect letter on the mystery wedge twice (first time since March 18, 2019), duds galore and a NULL CYCLE including a BANKRUPT near $3,500 sweeping away $250 + XL + WC (Quick note on the XL wedge: Unlike any other wedge, contestants do not physically pick up the XL wedge and it stays in play staying on the Wheel even after being lost to a bankrupt, dud, DQ or LaT. In other words, if a contestant loses the XL wedge to a penalty, he/she or another contestant has another chance to claim it.)

Category selection: PLACES/THING/F&D

$100K Bonus Round Win: Jen doesn’t get a bite of this DELICIOUS TAFFY, and that’s an XL disappointment because…

…DOG-BLOODY-GONE IT — DAY 2 AND SHE’S ALREADY OUR FIRST $100,000 LOSER THIS SEASON ALMOST IMMEDIATELY. FURTHERMORE, THAT’S THE FIRST TIME THE BIG ONE WAS LOST ON PREMIERE WEEK SINCE S29. If she would’ve called the F’s, but man, did this really have to happen so early in the season?! -___-

ant0824’s Rating: 5.75

Adam’s Rating: 5 (at least we got to see the XL wedge in action; also 90s Show Biz)

Skipps’ Rating: 5 (D-)

My Rating: 1 (F-)

TOO BAD! (Ay Que Mala Suerte Que Perdio)

J! Quickcap: 9/13/2022

Jeopardy! logo

Today’s challengers
-Justin Tarbox, a software engineer from Hoover, AL
-April Marquet, a digital production artist from Oakland, CA

Returning champion: Luigi de Guzman (2-day $65,801)

Correct/Incorrect: 52/9
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 6/6 (2 each)

Unplayed Clues ($ left on the board): 1 ($2,000)

Coryat Score: $36,800 (+$3,000 vs. yesterday)
Lach Trash: $8,400 from 7 triple stumpers (+/-$0 and +1 TS vs. yesterday)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $6,800 (-$200 vs. yesterday)

Daily Double Correct Answers: 3

Pre-FJ! Scores: April: $16,600/Luigi: $15,700/Justin: $11K (Combined: $43,300)

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 2

Winner: Luigi ($31,399 (3-day $97,200))

April had a gloomy look on her face after realizing the mistake made on her wager, so with that said, Luigi will face Winston Li of Durham, NC and Harriet Wagner of Houston, TX next tomorrow.

UPDATE (3:20 PM ET):  This just in from Andy Saunders, April has reported on Reddit that her wager ($1,801) was the result of a transcription error from her scratch paper; she had intended to make the cover bet ($14,801) but transcribed the incorrect number onto her screen. Uh oh. 😰

My Rating: 8 (B) (very unfortunate for April)

ant0824’s Rating: TBA

Ismael’s Rating: 8 (B-)

Adam’s Rating: TBA

Stamp of Approval v2
Competitive match, otherwise.

25 Words Quickcap: 9/13/2022


Challengers w/ Melissa Peterman: Gustavo & Joe (fitness friends)
Champs w/ Raven Symone: Nicco & Marlene (siblings) – 1 day Prize

Turn #1 answers: OCTOPUS, SECRETARY, SOLITAIRE, LIP SYNC & BRAWNY Bid: 14 (Raven)- Fail on the Last 2 Answers
Turn #2 answers (Nicco v. Gustavo): MALL, UKULELE, DECLARATION, MILKSHAKE & SMALL; Bid: 13 (Gustavo)- Runs the Board

Superfan of the Day: Nancy (WNEP)

Turn #3 answers: CLOWN, DENVER, BATTLE, TAX & CAR; Bid: 10 (Joe)- Picks Up BATTLE (Gustavo/Joe 750, Nicco/Marlene 0)

Round 2: Green Answers (Easy 250) – Yellow Answers (Medium 500) or Red Answers (Most Difficult 1000)


Up For Grabs: Nicco/Marlene going for 3000 & Gustavo/Joe playing for 3250

Nicco/Marlene: Raven Misses TOUGH (2500)
Gustavo/Joe (Must get 1750 pts or more): Melissa wins after Passing CLONE & COMMUNIST (Nicco/Marlene Depart with Caroline’s Cakes GC and Trip to Brickell Bay)

Money Round: Joe Misses out on $10K with 8 Correct – (They will go on a Trip to Hyatt Regency Newport Beach)

My rating: 6.75

Skipps’ Rating: 6 (D+)