Contestant of the Week for September 5-9, 2022

Zoe & Julia, former NFL cheerleaders in Quincy, MA, are your Contestants of the Week after winning $152K together in Beat Shazam.

Honorable mentions:

-Rosalind Edwards-Brown won the restored 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu (350HP V8 engine, AT, RWD) worth $47K from the final playing of Back to ’72 in the 50th season finale of TPiR bringing her total winnings to $53,300.

-Ashlee Mesa wisely bailed out of her playing of To The Penny for $50K out of a possible $1M.

Antonio Carillo is your Zonk Contestant of the Week because he stopped too soon and did not come up w/ enough for the 2022 Brooklyn Gray Metallic BMW 439 Convertible (2L engine, 7-speed AT, RWD, M sport package, premium package 2, shadowline package 2, live cockpit pro, remote engine start, front ventilated seats) worth $61,690 w/ his chosen price of $59,962 vs. the ARP in That’s Too Much. It didn’t help that this also resulted in a skunked second half for this show.

Dishonorable mention:

-Nathan Graeser PAINFULLY went over the ARP of the camper by just $11 in Range Game.