Contestant of the Week for September 5-9, 2022

Zoe & Julia, former NFL cheerleaders in Quincy, MA, are your Contestants of the Week after winning $152K together in Beat Shazam.

Honorable mentions:

-Rosalind Edwards-Brown won the restored 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu (350HP V8 engine, AT, RWD) worth $47K from the final playing of Back to ’72 in the 50th season finale of TPiR bringing her total winnings to $53,300.

-Ashlee Mesa wisely bailed out of her playing of To The Penny for $50K out of a possible $1M.

Antonio Carillo is your Zonk Contestant of the Week because he stopped too soon and did not come up w/ enough for the 2022 Brooklyn Gray Metallic BMW 439 Convertible (2L engine, 7-speed AT, RWD, M sport package, premium package 2, shadowline package 2, live cockpit pro, remote engine start, front ventilated seats) worth $61,690 w/ his chosen price of $59,962 vs. the ARP in That’s Too Much. It didn’t help that this also resulted in a skunked second half for this show.

Dishonorable mention:

-Nathan Graeser PAINFULLY went over the ARP of the camper by just $11 in Range Game.

One thought on “Contestant of the Week for September 5-9, 2022

  1. Reminder to all as we bring summer to a close – a brand new Game Show Season will officially begin this Sunday night on ABC (beginning with CELEBRITY FAMILY FEUD), followed the next day by the return of the Griffin shows, the first of what we are now calling the “classic four majors” (especially JEOPARDY! and the return of its studio audience). See you then, and remember this is the weekend to remember the world’s most tragic event that turned humanity upside down…remember 9/11 (and yes, remember the Queen too).


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