TPiR Quickcap: 3/14/2023 – COLLEGE DAY 2

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First Four: Noa Figenblat (Wisconsin), Alexis Johnson Fowlkes (CSUF), Connor Gillespie (Long Beach St) & Kira Brown (Grand Canyon Univ.)
Hi-Lo: Noa ($1,145) Get Cheaped Out by Cheese

Followed By: Jack Woodson(UCLA)
Coming or Going: Kira ($2,565) Is Going… To Reykjavik (GT: $10,090)

Up Next: Jasmin Morris
Master Key: Connor ($1,848) Unlocks the Locks to a Car & Vacation (GT: $27,771)

SCSD #1 Winner: Connor

Coming on in: Eliyahu Solomon (Yeshiva Univ.)
Bonkers: Eliyahu ($1,695) Bonks her way to Victory (GT: $8,168)

Now Entering: Sunshine Falkoff (UCSD)
Bullseye: Alexis ($839) Completely Missed the Target

Coming Up Next: Micah Muhammad
Lucky Seven: Jack ($3,347) Loses All the Dollars

SCSD #2 Winner: Jack

Showcase Winner: Connor ($66,972)

Total Games won: 3 out of 6  – Total Winnings: $90,561

My rating: 8


One thought on “TPiR Quickcap: 3/14/2023 – COLLEGE DAY 2

  1. Well we did have some cars after all today..and 2 of 3 were won here, thanks to some good plays today in Key and in the High SC. The Low one went Over. College Day #2 went well.

    Bobby’s Rating – also 8 of 10 (Winning Show)


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