WoF Quickcap: 3/1/2023


Nothing but ladies competing in A TELEVISION EVENT…

Angie Gautney: had a satellite TV when she was a teenager and has a father who would watch the show in a different time zone, so when they came home and watched as a family, he knew all the answers (that went on until they begged him to be on the show) from DeLand, FL

Nina Lance: has a father who studied at Central Michigan University back in the 80’s (there was a group of students at Barnard Hall that worshipped Pat of sorts to the extent where they put up a portrait of him and even deemed it a symbol of good luck to touch the portrait of him whenever they’re walking through) from Charlotte, NC

Courtney Tam: watched the show with her grandma while eating dinner (her grandma doesn’t know that she was taping and she plans to surprise grandma when it airs) from San Gabriel, CA

$15,700 cash & Costa Rica | Angie: $7,300 WC | Nina: $11,500

GRAND TOTAL: $34,500
BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding XL & MW gamble): $28,699 cash & EUROPE

Scary moments (hoo boy…)

-Round 1 started off with a BANKRUPT by Nina and a LaT by Courtney.

-In that same round, after Nina got $5K from 2 C’s, the EUROPE trip with 2 H’s, another $7,500 via XL from 3 S’s, and an I buy, THE BANKRUPT NEAR $2,500 EXPLODES ON HER FACE, WIPING OUT $13,250, EUROPE, & XL (and setting a new record for most money lost to a single BANKRUPT this season)!!! UNBELIEVABLE. JUST UNBELIEVABLE. 😖

-Late in the round, we had this…

W A R M / T O A S T E D
B A _ E L S / W I T H
L O _ / A N D / C R E A M

Angie blew the $6,050 solve by saying LOW for the fifth word, not counting the W’s correctly and went viral as a result. We got a house minimum solve after an unnecessary SPINGLE by Nina. This round was just EXCRUCIATING to say the least… -___-

-A total of five BANKRUPTS were hit.

-In the PP/Express Round…

A / _ A _ / _ _
T H E / R E S _ R T

Nina didn’t count her T’s carefully and blew the solve with WAY TO THE RESORT.

-The Speed-Up took too long, and there was a NULL CYCLE cut out.

I don’t know if this episode can be saved: PHRASE/THING/PERSON

Courtney isn’t much of a FASHION MOGUL, so she loses the BMW (first car loss under XL rules).

My Rating: 3 (F)

Ant0824’s Rating: 1

Grizzly bear in water growling, mouth open

Such an XL disappointment… -___-



Jeopardy! logo

Next Batch of Returnees looking to advance in the Semifinal
–Eesha Sohail, a UCLA graduate from Bakersfield, CA (Semifinalist from 2019)
–Dan Oxman, a senior at the University of Maryland from South Orange, NJ (Quarterfinalist in 2018 – Didn’t make it to Final Jeopardy)
–Tim Cho, a senior at Columbia University from Champaign, IL (Came so Close of Defeating Claire Sattler in 2018 Semifinals)

Correct/Incorrect: 50/6
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 2/2

Unplayed Clues ($ left on the board): 0 ($0)

Coryat Score: 35,600 (+2,800 vs. Yesterday)
Lach Trash: 9,600 from 8 Triple Stumpers (-4,000 & -2 TS’s vs. Yesterday)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): 8,800 (+1,200 vs. Yesterday)

Daily Double Correct Answers: 1

Pre-FJ! Scores: Tim: 20K(LOCK)/Eesha: 9,400/Dan: 1,700 (Combined: 31,100)

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 2

Winner: Tim (Semifinalist)

In Semifinals: Maya Wright (Game 1), Avi Gupta (Game 2), Stephanie Pierson (Game 3), Justin Bolsen (Game 4), Jackson Jones (Game 5), Claire Sattler(Game 6), Lucas Miner(Game 7), Tim Cho(Game 8)

Tomorrow is the Last Day of Quarterfinals: Who will secure the Last Spot: Will it be Maggie Brown of Pensacola, FL, Caleb Richmond of Bedford, NH, or Hannah Nekritz of Stamford, CT?

My Rating: 7.25

TPiR Quickcap: 3/1/2023

The Price is Right logo

First Four: Robin Wiley-Chambers, Jillian Vanderbrooke, Peter Trerice & Carmen Thompson
Bargain Game: Peter ($1,600) Gets Absolutely No Bargain at all

Followed By: Brandon Martinez
Now or Then (May 2011): Robin ($663) Needs to go back to the Past

Up Next: Cara McGee
Line Em’ Up: Brandon ($800) Lines Up to a Car WIn (GT: $27,474)

SCSD #1 Winner: Brandon (Spin-off & Banked $1K – $28,474)

Coming on in: Robert Castro
Bonkers: Carmen ($2,895) Bonks her way to Victory (GT: $8,158)

Now Entering: Ferin Petrelli
Money Game: Robert ($ ) Cashes in a Car Sweep + $217 (GT: $28,699)

Coming Up Next: Telly Patterson
1/2 off: Jillian($2,645) Gets Slashed in Half (GT: $2.995)

SCSD #2 Winner: Carmen (Banked $1K – $9,158)

Showcase Winner: Carmen ($38,837)

Total Games won: 3 out of 6 – Total Winnings: $101,268

My rating: 8

Lightning Bull

25 Words Quickcap: 3/1/2023


Challengers w/ Greg Grunberg: Alfretz & Nikita (comic book buds)
Champs w/ Rex Lee: Candace & Nancy (teacher friends) – 11 day: $22,500 & 10 Prizes

Turn #1 answers: CFORTY, MARTHA, SEESAW, PARTNER & SCOOP; Bid: 13 (Rex)- Champs Strike First Again
Turn #2 answers (Alfretz v. Candace): SHOVEL, MIKE, RATING, BRAVE & MELON; Bid: 14 (Candace)- Doubles Score

Superfan of the Day: Rich (WCVB)

Turn #3 answers: SOOTH, GALAXY, CARPOOL, DENT & CORNER; Bid: 11 (Nikita)- Gets on Board (Challengers 250 – Champs 500)

Round 2
Green Words (250): CLEVER, WHEAT(Greg), THIRSTY(Greg), MONTH(Greg-Slotomania), TURKEY(Rex)
Yellow Words (500): CYCLONE(Rex), GEYSER(Rex), ICICLE(Rex), CAROLINA(Rex), KILT(Greg-Slotomania)

On the line: 2250 for Both + $250 For Team Greg;

Challengers: Conquer Board (3500)
Champs (Need All For Win #13): Game Over on CYCLONE (Blown out of here with Tommy Bahama & $38K+ & Load of Prizes)

Money Round: Alfretz Runs out of Time with just 6 right – All they get is BertellO to go with $500

My rating: 5

LMaD Quickcap: 3/1/2023

Let's Make a Deal logo

Perfect Deals: 1

Car Wins?: N/A

Zonk Victims: Nenita, Chris, Theresa, Brianna, Bhanu

BD (Melee – Default: Forfeits Diamonds by Angie 14kt rose gold jewelry ($4,720) + $700):
SD (#2): DENAGO bikes + SARIS rack ($3,898)- M.O
MD (#3): Whirlpool kitchen + ANOVA appliances ($6,256)
BD (#1): EVERYTHING incl. 5n at Bahia Principe Grand El Portillo ($11,066)

Karen: BROUGHT DOG FOR $200 (if she had green colored shoes she would’ve had $300; gold colored shoes would’ve gotten her $400)
Tammie & Jim: Wine glass & piece of bread (J)($400)- $

My Rating: 3

Pretty sure Wheel will hurt their winnings this time tonight.