WoF Quickcap: 3/9/2023


Opening Location: Highclere Castle in the U.K.

Thursday’s travelers…

Ashley Laumb: lady who doesn’t like fish but collects pajamas from Tacoma, WA

Bonnie Cheney: lady who loves painting walls from Fredericksburg, VA

Shawn Ham: graduate student at the Univ. Of North Carolina Pembroke getting his Master’s in social work who wanted to work with veterans and young adolescents who are struggling with opioid misuse, addiction, and depression from Goldsboro, NC

Shawn: $16,300 cash & St. Croix | Ashley: $23,250Bonnie: $15,848 cash & Greece

And Pat gave Shawn a fish prop as a souvenir.

GRAND TOTAL: $55,398
BANKRUPT TRASH (Bonnie in PP/Express Round): $900

Scary moments

-Too many penalties in the Mystery Round.

-In the first of the Triple Toss-Ups about Italy…

N _ _ _ _ _ _ N
_ T A L _

It is ABSOLUTELY NOT NAPOLEON, ITALY, according to Bonnie.

The evil category trio’s less evil twin: WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?/THINGS/PHRASE

Pat just knew Ashley would choose that.

$100K Bonus Round: Ashley finds the $40K inside the pockets of A HEAVY OVERCOAT!

Ashley’s Final Total: $63,250


The hosts of Denmark give their greetings after Round 2, and we end with footage of Romania’s (Roata Norocului) fourth season.

My Rating: 6 (D+) (probably because of the dreadful R2)

Stamp of Approval v2



Jeopardy! logo

Who will end up as Champion of High School Reunion Tournament after Game 2?
–Justin Bolsen, a first-year student at Brown University from Canton, GA ($13,570 after Yesterday)
–Maya Wright, a senior at Emory University from Peachtree City, GA ($3,370 after Yesterday)
–Jackson Jones, a junior at Vanderbilt University from Louisville, KY ($24,000 after Yesterday)

Correct/Incorrect: 51/11
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 2/5

Unplayed Clues ($ left on the board): 0 ($0)

Coryat Score: 33,800 (No Change vs. Yesterday)
Lach Trash: 9,200 from 7 Triple Stumpers (-3,600 & -2 TS’s vs. Yesterday)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): 11,000 (+3,600 vs. Yesterday)

Daily Double Correct Answers: 1

Pre-FJ! Scores: Maya: 14,200/Justin: 11K/Jackson: 5,600 (Combined: 30,800)

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 3

Champion of High School Reunion Tournament: Justin Bolsen! (He will be in the ToC)

Jackson gets $50,000 and Maya goes home with $25K

Tomorrow, we are back to Regular Games as Stephen Webb return to look for win #4 when he battle Jeanette Peterson originally from Minneapolis, MN and Nick Lauber from Sherman Oaks, CA

My Rating: 9 (Big Congrats to Justin Bolsen!)


LMaD Quickcap: 3/9/2023

Let's Make a Deal logo

Perfect Deals: 1

Car Wins?: No

Zonk Victims: Nicole Duke, Elisabeth, Tanya & Kris

BD (Gail – Gives up Prizes Totaling $9,444):
SD (#2): BOWFLEX VeloCore bike & Max Total 16 Max Trainer ($4,996)
MD (#1): $6100
BD (#3): EVERYTHING incl. trip to Yotel Edinburgh- W

Jessica: Book ($300)- $
Star: Up to 4 things you put on your lips (T)- M-O

My Rating: 7.5

25 Words Quickcap: 3/9/2023


Challengers w/ Melissa Peterman (who is looking to End the Champs’ Winning Week Streak): Crystal & Danial (cousins in San Diego)
Champs w/ Wilson Cruz: Melanee & Tamara (biking friends) – 1 day Prize: Vacation

Turn #1 answers: CHEAP, COMIC, SANE, WILL & BANGS; Bid: 15 (Melissa)- Scores First for the Challengers
Turn #2 answers (Crystal vs. Melanee): BRIEF, APOLOGIZE, PRANK, HAMMER & FIRE; Bid(max Opening Bid used: 14 (Crystal)- Doubles Score

Superfan of the Day: Amanda (CBS 62- owns dog named Hazel)

Turn #3 answers: STARVING, WRINKLE, MOUSE, FULL & LIAR; Bid: 15 (Danial)- Sweeps (Challengers 750 – Champs 0)

Round 2
Green Words (250): SPONGE(Melissa), BYTE, HEADS, SECOND, ELF(Melissa)
Yellow Words (500): VERB(Wilson), KNUCKLES(Wilson), POSIONOUS(Melissa), NERD(Wilson), PRIMARY
Red Words (1,000): PERCOLATE, LEGOLAND(Melissa), DILUTE(Wilson), WINDY CITY(Slotomania-Melissa), POTTY MOUTH(Wilson)

On the line: 3000 & $250 for Team Melissa & 3500 For Team Wilson

Champs: Much Needed Sweep (4500 + $250)
Challengers (Need All to End the Champs Winning Week Streak): Successful (Champs are O&D with Lobster Gram & Trip) (Champs’ 8-week Winning Streak is Over Thanks to Melissa Peterman)

Money Round: Crystal Nearly got the BR but with 9 right, Not enough – They have to go home with OXO Brewing Pkg & $250

My rating: 7