25 Words Quickcap: 3/14/2023


Challengers w/ : Danielle & Sharon (daughter/mom; Danielle’s into home decorating)
Champs w/ Melissa Peterman: Jason & Elizabeth (married daredevils) – 2 day: Vacation & $500

Turn #1 answers: FATHER, SUNNY, HAPPY MEAL, STRIP & DRAPES; Bid: 11 (Melissa)- Score First for Champs
Turn #2 answers (Regan vs. Jason): SAILOR, LATE, FLAME, CLASS & STREET; Bid: 15 (Jason)- Missed CLASS

Superfan of the Day: Abdallah (MORE 27)

Turn #3 answers: LOCK, JAMIE, HATE, RED BULL & SUBSTITUTE; Bid: 17 (Elizabeth)- Advantage: Champs (Challengers 250 – Champs 500)

Round 2
Green Words (250): BLONDE(Wilson), TAKEOFF, HYPE, SKY, THIN
Yellow Words (500): ENERGY(Melissa), SHARE(Melissa-Slotomania), MUMBLE(Wilson), MACE(Wilson), SKATEBOARD(Slotomania-Melissa)
Red Words (1,000): AMAZON PRIME, CENSOR(Wilson), LEPROSY(Melissa), WHEATIES(Melissa), BLACK FRIDAY(Wilson)

On the line: 3500 & $500 for Team Melissa & 3250 For Team Wilson

Challengers: Didn’t get MACE (3000)
Champs (Need 2750 to Win): Retain (Challengers sent home with NOVICA)

Money Round: Jason goes from Worst Yesterday to a Big Rebound – They now have a Grand total of $10,750 & 2 Trips after 3 Days thanks to the $10,000 Win

My rating: 8

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