3 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 2/28/2023

  1. Today’s show, contrary to what people have said throughout the day, did not hurt LMAD and TPIR’s winnings at all…instead it was J! (and CHOPPED coming up next in Primetime) that hurt the rest of our Daytime winnings.
    A MDW wasted, an undeserved BANKRUPT, and a $40K BR waste resulted in this week’s first True Total Daytime Car Wipeout. Ismael is happy…hope the rest of you are not.

    Bobby’s Rating – a notch worse at 3 of 10 (Losing Show)

    FINAL COUNT – the 3xG in our DDs, 2 F!s (with a J! Tourney player going forward), the SD, and 4 trips (incl. the Low SC).
    BLOOD COUNT – all 6 cars offered (incl. the BD and the High SC), 1 F!, and $40K here.
    J! is our only major Winning Show today, the rest was lost (incl. a Flameout and a PG skunk on CBS). What a sorry Taco Tuesday.

    Remember, no TPIR Primetime or LINGO tomorrow, but we will begin a new season of SURVIVOR in their places.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening.


  2. Again, the maingame wasn’t too great, but at least we didn’t get another Tuesday $100K loss for the third XL week in a row.

    My Rating: 5 (D) (Mary Ann’s untimely LaT brought it down)


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