Contestant of the Week for January 30-February 3, 2023

Ike Barinholtz, winning the $1 MILLION GRAND PRIZE from becoming the Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 1 Champion, is your Contestant of the Week. I enjoyed watching every second of the finale. The three celebs went into FJ! w/ a combined score of $97,500! In fact, the entire day for this show, both syndicated and primetime, was clean swept all across the board for Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy!! Ike’s final score of 72,001 was enough for him to take the trophy! We will find out if this show will be renewed again for a second season, but you bet it will 100% be renewed (unlike the celeb primetime version of the sister show)!

Honorable mentions:

-Thomas Angulo was our FOURTH DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER on the TPiR Cancer Awareness special (true DSW, as a matter of fact) for a final total of $104,018 in prizes becoming this season’s second-biggest solo winner (third overall)!

-Christy Ward becomes the second contestant on Wheel this season to win over $100K the hard way winning a Lincoln Corsair Standard worth $45,070 plus $40K XL bonus for a final total of $112,570 cash & prizes!

-Brandon Rowley won a trip to this Sunday’s Grammys on TPiR in the showcase! Sadly, this was the only one offered across either of the Fremantle shows this week.

-Lisa & Frank netted $102K on Lingo.

-We had our first perfect PG show and fourth Car Winners’ showcase this season on the TPiR At Night Superfans Special, and ANOTHER SEASON HIGH GRAND TOTAL OF $243,978!!! Too bad Money Game was played first so Deepscan couldn’t count it as official on Bobby’s site.

-25 Words or Less has been renewed for a fifth season, and David & Jessa decided to retire undefeated to get back to their day jobs after Wednesday w/ a final total of $62,750 + 10 prizes (about $90K in total)!!

-I don’t normally cover this, but Sam is this week’s Chopped champion.

-The Big Deal losing streak dating back to January 12th was finally snapped in this Friday’s LMaD episode.

Well, after having a lot positive to report this week, I had to get to the stinkers eventually. Okay, here it goes… Zach, recording artist, who ended up singing a song of losing, after striking out on LMaD’s Fabulous Car of the Week, a Mercedes-Benz E350 sedan worth $63,960 (that song…a no-hit wonder called “Driven To Lose”), is your Zonk Contestant of the Week, being one of the handful of Unfabulous Car SKUNK victims in this UNFABULOUS FAILURE of a week for this show. If Tracy hadn’t saved our bacon snapping the ridiculous BD losing streak, this week could’ve been A LOT worse.

Dishonorable mentions:

-Meg Clark blew an easy BR puzzle of BINGO NIGHT for $40K. Her combo of HGCI filled in all but the first and last letters of the first word…

_ I N G _

Yeah, I could understand her being tripped up on that first word, but she made stupid guesses such as BIGWINGSPINGS, and KINGS never getting the non-existent S at the end out of her head. We were worried that she might’ve cost us a potential PBRW as we would follow to go 3-1 after Thursday, although she ended up being off the hook. Still, that was hard to watch happen. Didn’t help that the maingame was rough as earlier she had called a CRITICAL DUD of K to throw away $12,350, and Mateena Hough also had a PAINFUL BANKRUPT to throw away $11,200 resulting in a $0 prize puzzle win.

-Yes, even Christy’s WoF episode had its epic fails such as Antonio Lovari’s THE HEARTS OF CALIFORNIA which doesn’t fit the puzzle nor category and…

T H E / T H _ I _ _
O F / _ / _ I F E T I _ E

Female Cody Burlow BLOWS IT on her next pick w/ U — seriously, girl? -__- We got a $0 prize puzzle win as a result.

-If the car game skunk, brutal playing of Beat the Dealer and a few total flameouts on LMaD weren’t bad enough, we also started the week right off the bat w/ OUR NINTETEENTH BD KNOCKOUT THIS SEASON.

-Tuesday’s TPiR episode was a true fail-fest. Garen Zakarian went over on his showcase after letting his greed get the better of him on Temptation (although he did win $1K SCSD bonus). Carol Adinolfi who was in the audience in the At Night Redemption special and lost 1/2 Off 15 yrs. ago failed to redeem also losing on Flip Flop. Gail Botts triggered the first instance of Lucky Seven being lost before the last digit could be revealed since 4/29/2019. And Ronnie Davidson deserved being sent to the FFBC for his lousy bids early in the show even though he suffered bad luck in the latter half.

-Tuesday’s J! episode saw a regular-play-worst $14K Coryat be lost to incorrect responses.

-Cheap Wednesday showcases dragged the midweek TPiR episode all the way down. And Diane Iselin left emptyhanded from her playing of Take Two then had two dud spins during the SCSD and also lost the showcase.

-Emily Volpert and Kelsey Mead both played sloppily on Wednesday’s WoF episode. Emily neglected to call the multiple M’s and T’s before solving in R, and then on the _______ PLACE crossword in R2, she BLOWS IT BIG TIME w/ R to throw away $3,400 and MDW — RLUE?! LIRENSE?! -__- And then after calling the C, Kelsey also FLUNKS OUT w/ an A for awful purchase — UGH. 😡

-Dismal second half of Thursday’s 25 Words episode w/ both teams missing words in R2 and only five correct words in the Money Round.

-Thursday’s Wheel also saw a lot go to waste in critical penalties, but that’s nothing compared to what happened on Friday — In R1…

C A K E / &
C _ I _ _

Tom O’Neill doesn’t count the R’s carefully and blows the solve w/ CARROT CAKE & CINNAMON CRISP to watch $10,800 cash & GC go down the drain for him — oh brother. -__- Madi Smith also saw a Collette trip go to waste w/ S for sorry in R2, and then in R3…

H O W / D O / Y O U
_ _ Y / T H _ _ _ / Y O U
_ _ / _ T _ _ _ _ _ ?

She makes a CRITICAL PURCHASE of E to throw away $10,550 plus the $12,400 Italy trip — MAJOR OUCH. Now the producers were TOYING WITH THE IDEA of giving away the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport to Tom, but he’s painfully off on the first word and not surprisingly Meg is off the hook.