Contestant of the Week for February 13-17, 2023

Jeopardy’s Stephen Webb is your Contestant of the Week. He Dominated 3 games heading into his off Time with $80,631. Other Honorable Mentions: The Stefanelli Family from TPiR at Night Won Both Trips to Paris & Jamaica from One Right Price and then went on to Win their Showcase winning over $93K, The Bland Family Complete a TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP in Shell Game winning $65K Cash & Prizes. Adam & Peachy from Sweethearts Week picked up its second $50K Win of the Season bringing them to a impressive $67,300

I Really Hate to Say this: The Cheng Family is Unfortunately your ZONK Contestant of the Week and here’s why: They revealed 4 numbers in Lucky Seven ($44,68_). They could go 1-9 and must get it exactly, What did they do?: They Called a Zero (Really?). Some Other Dishonorable Mentions: A Car Skunk from Let’s Make a Deal, and TPiR Daytime week really Sunked with a Skunked Episode from Feb 13. We were going for a Winning BR Week from 25 Words or Less & Wheel of Fortune heading into Wednesday, but Instead we gone 3 losses in a row for a Loss Week