The Price is Right Season 50 Week 33 Stats

WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANY IDIOTS TELLING US TO CHANGE DOUBLE OVERS INTO TECHNICAL DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINS. A LOSS IS A LOSS!!! 😡 😡 😡 Call these numbers up (CBS at 1-888-274-5343) (CBS Studios/News at 1-212-975-3247) (CBS Headquarters at 1-212-975-4321) (TPiR at 1-855-507-7423) (alt. num. for TPiR at 1-800-700-6525) and DON’T WASTE OUR TIME.

Total This Week: $356,003 (+ Indy 500 trip of unknown value)

Total for the Season: $14,263,538.99 (+ Spain trip + car washes + Butler House getaway + Key West trip + snacks + Indy 500 trip of unknown values)

Pricing Games Won This Week: 14 of 30 (5 partials)

Pricing Games Won This Season: 463 of 996 (95 partials)


-This Week: 1
-Season: 26

Total Perfect PG Shows: 2

Total PG Shutouts: 0

Total Weekly Car Game Shutouts: 1

First Four Victims

-This Week: 1
-Season: 80

Perfect IUFB Bids: 35

IUFB All-Overbids: 3

SCSD Dud Spins (Big Wheel Did Not Go All the Way Around)

-This Week: 2
-Season: 65

SCSD Bonuses

-$1K: 47
-$11K: 12
-$26K: 5

Spin Offs

-This Week: 0
-Season: 28 (three were doubles; three were 3-ways (incl. one bonus); six were bonus spin-offs (incl. one 3-way))

SCSD Wipeouts (Spun 5 then 100): 1

Showcase Stats

Car Winners’ Showcase (Both car winners went to the showcase): 6

Double Showcase Wins: 3

WSDs (Over by $250 or less): 7

Bigger/Smaller Showcase Won

-This Week: 1/3
-Season: 70/91

Biggest Showcase Winners: Anthony Parthner (50th Premiere Week; Sept. 17; $87,986); Lanora Driscoll (Regular Play Week; Dec. 6; $86,730); The Ramos Estrada Family (Holiday Family Night; Dec. 22; $51,773); George Williams (First Responders; Jan. 12; $98,773); Whitney Stevens (The Talk; Jan. 19; $42,499); The Yuns (Valentine’s Day Special; Feb. 14; $84,547); Hoa Mary Tran (Baby Shower Special; Apr. 4; $48,795); Kayden & Ashlyn Roxas (Siblings Day Special; Apr. 18 (should’ve been the 8th); $39,164); Hans von Walter (Rachel Brosnahan charity; Apr. 25; $65,270); Renee Werner (Teachers Appreciation Day Special; May 3; $29,327); Laura, Lisa & Tiffany Weldon (Mother’s Day Special; May 6; $50,455); Melissa Parrigo (Dream Car Week; Feb. 25; $159,040)

Lowest Showcase Winner: Allaine Benson (Jan. 25; $23,587)

Double Overs: 7

This Week’s Pricing Champion: Caleigh Elkin (Solo and beats Laura, Lisa & Tiffany’s Mother’s Day team)

My Weekly Rating: 6 (D+)

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