WoF Quickcap: 3/31/2023



IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN. Let’s reintroduce the finalists…

Ben Clark (from Carmel, IN) & Big E: $21,800

Grant Salzano (from Madison, CT) & Natalya: $19,550

Ray Simon (from Wyoming, MI) & Austin Theory: $24,850

Whoever wins this championship game will receive a VIP trip to this weekend’s WrestleMania 39 worth $13K.

B & Big E
: $13,150 (Ben leaves w/ $34,950) | G & N: $21,450 cash & WWE Shop (including $5K WWE cash prize) | R & A: $5K (Ray leaves w/ $29,850)

Grant now has $54K cash & prizes including that VIP trip to WrestleMania 39 in SoCal. Also, the Prize Puzzle is NOT being offered for this Friday Final game, the first time since Jun. 1, 2005 where no Prize Puzzle is played.

GRAND TOTAL: $52,600 (including bonus trip)

Scary moment

-In the third Triple Toss-Up about physics-related things…

M _ S _ _ V E
C _ L _ I _ I O N

Grant was gonna say MASSIVE CELEBRATION, but realized it couldn’t be right.


$100K Bonus Round: This won’t be one of Grant’s JOYOUS OCCASIONS: losing the Ford Bronco for good. Furthermore, we’ve been SKUNKED for the first time all year long (and third overall this season).

My Rating: 5 (D-)

Don’t ever do WWE week again.


5 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 3/31/2023

  1. Decent Friday Finals game especially with G & N’s big and intense PR in Round 1 giving them the win plus that bonus WWE trip. But once again, going with the PHGA combo in the BR proves to be a bad idea, resulting in the first SKUNKING all year long (and third overall this season) and Grant losing the Bronco for good.

    My Rating: 6 (D+)


  2. Obviously not a good way to end one of the sorriest weeks in all of Game Shows this season.

    Perhaps if CBS/ABC (depending on when you watch this show) had done away with the BR, this Finals show would have been much better. It still would not have made a difference overall this week given this was our 8th straight Losing Week.

    Bobby’s Rating – 6 of 10


    How so?

    FINAL STATS TODAY – 2 cars on TPIR (incl. the Low SC), the 3xG in our DDs, 1 F! (with the ongoing J! champ), the SD, and 3 trips.
    BLOOD COUNT TODAY – 4 cars (incl, here, meaning more lost than won), the non-car trip-ped BD, a boat in the High SC, and 2 F!s.

    Surprisingly, J! was our only major Winning Show for Friday.

    This also means, Bobby’s candidates for our Friday honors is unusual. For the first time since December, one player is a candidate for CONTESTANT OF THE WEEK and ZONK CONTESTANT OF THE WEEK, that is if you do the math on what candidate Shirley actually won ($40,556, the most of any one player this week) vs. how much she actually lost ($131,908 in potential C & P, including the Triple Play bust, the $26K on the Big Wheel, and the High SC—technically DSW). As one puzzle this past week ironically said, “you win some and you lose some”…boy, Shirley lost more than she won. Shame on her.

    To be continued after Skipps’ team does his End Of Week honors later on, hopefully.


  3. Update…Grant is actually Bobby’s candidate for COTW, having won here with $53K+! Sorry Shirley…you have been knocked down.


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