2 thoughts on “Contestant of the Week for March 27-31, 2023

  1. And now Part II of Ismael’s statement…

    Given our sorry week, there is no way we can’t just give nobody the COTW honor…Skipps would never leave us hanging on that. And there is no way you can’t just give a Cardinal Sinner ZCOTW either. So let’s be realistic here, if I may.

    Statistics show (and I repeat myself, folks), Grant Salzano (WOF) is top COTW with $54,000 C & P (incl. the WrestleMania trip), and Shirley (TPIR) stands as the biggest loser of the week, despite her redemption in the Low SC with a car, still wastes $131,908 in potential C & P, including the Triple Play bust, the $26K on the Big Wheel, and the High SC, part of a DSW.

    Too many Dishonorable Mentions given our sorry week, and no Honorable Mentions to give. I think Bobby’s summary will say it all.

    As for Primetime… Matthew voted himself off of SURVIVOR due to a medical issue, Christine Dunn and George Wendt (from “Cheers”) exposed on MASKED SINGER, and Rob Cervoni pronounced the latest “Chopped” champion.

    With that in mind, we close Week 29 with these stats…
    FINAL COUNT THIS WEEK – 5 cars, 1 BD, 10 DDs, 4 F!s, 3 new J! champs, 12 trips, 1 boat, 4 Low SCs, 1 High SC, and $20K.
    BLOOD COUNT THIS WEEK – 24 cars (incl. the whopping 8 lost on Monday as the result of the Luxury Game loss, so more lost than won again), 4 BDs (incl. this week’s Cash Vault), 5 DDs, 10 F!s (incl. 2 stumpers by Jennings), 3 outgoing J! champs, and over $150K in cash.

    OVERALL RATING THIS WEEK – 15 of 20 (Primetime) + 0 of 10 (Daytime) = 15 of 30 (for a 50/50 Split Week). With no major Winning Shows this week in Daytime, Primetime prevails…bar none.

    Don’t forget, the CMT Music Awards are this Sunday…that and IDOL kicks off Week 30. Let’s get past this dumb week and relax this weekend with some baseball.


    1. And also, If I May, Dominik Mysterio is officially the ZONK Moment of the Week because he walked out on Rey Mysterio’s Speech (Talking about Biggest Insult)


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