WoF Quickcap: 3/28/2023


Tonight’s Wrestlers: Austin Theory, Bianca Belair, Sonya Deville

Tuesday’s teams from left to right…

Ray Simon & Austin Theory: Ray’s a married man from Wyoming, MI (hometown wasn’t mentioned) who’s wearing a championship watch his wife gave to him on his wedding day (and he wore it in their photos); Austin’s currently the youngest U.S. champion in WWE history (and he shows off his championship belt as proof)

Destiny Thomas & Bianca Belair: Destiny is from Ravenswood, WV; Bianca’s the current RAW Women’s champ (she has her championship belt) and she and her partner vow to be the EST of tonight’s match (everything good ending in -EST; strongest, fastest, roughest, quickest, greatest, and best)

Derrick Lewis & Sonya Deville: he’s from Newark, DE and got into the WWE at age four through his mom and grandma; she’s a Friday Night SmackDown superstar and calls herself the “Pride Fighter” (she represents the LGBTQ community)

R & A: $24,850 cash & VIP trip (including $5K WWE cash prize) | D & B: $4K | D & S: $7,550

GRAND TOTAL: $36,400

Scary moment

D & S used their WC on $3,500 to call for an R… but it backfired on them.


$100K Bonus Round: R & A might not have been MAKING A WILD COMEBACK in the maingame, but they were very close on one of their guesses (BOLD) and they lose $40K.

My Rating: 6 (D+)


3 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 3/28/2023

  1. The main game was too challenging for the opponents…much in the Trust, and the Big Winners ended up with a tough $40K BR screw up.

    Bobby’s Rating – same as above (Losing Show—one more from the Evil Sweep).

    FINAL COUNT – our only car win on TPIR’s Money Game, 1 DD, 2 F!s (with another new J! champ), the SD, and 2 trips (incl. here and in the Low SC).
    BLOOD COUNT – 3 cars (incl. the High SC, meaning more lost than won), 2 DDs, 1 F!, the Cash Vaulted BD, and $40K here.

    Again today, none of our shows won, with TPIR going 50/50 Split, the rest lost.

    Enjoy Primetime!


  2. Slightly better maingame this time around, though there were still quite a few penalties incurred. But boy, R & A were this close 🤏🏻 to getting the BR. I thought the third word would be BOLD.

    My Rating: 6 (D+)

    I fear that this week may become the second week overall after Disney Secret Santa Sweepstakes I to offer that dreaded category trio three times in a week.


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