TPiR Quickcap: 3/28/2023

The Price is Right logo

Swap Meet: W

Coming or Going: W

Switcheroo: Wins Milk Frother

Showcase Showdown Winner #1: David

Do the Math: W

Money Game: W

It’s in the Bag: W

Showcase Showdown Winner #2: Trent

Showcase Winner: David ($37,469)

Rating: 7 (C)


One thought on “TPiR Quickcap: 3/28/2023

  1. Well this is sort of a pattern…Luxury Game on Monday, Money Game on Tuesday…or is today Friday? Anyway, this once again means our week is nullified, thus Bobby puts Luxury Game loser Shirley “off the hook”. Also, for the rest of the week, our end-of-day/week stats will appear here on Skipps’ site.

    Darn you Carey!

    Rating – DISALLOWED

    Remember, ALL stats from ALL shows must be counted here, folks, including the one car win in Money Game.


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