4 thoughts on “Contestant of the Week for March 12-17, 2023

  1. Skipps team’s choices will be up no later than Monday morning. In the meantime, as we do Week 26’s final stats, keep in mind no cars were at stake on Thursday and Friday due to both March Madness and no cars offered at all on WOF Thursday and Friday.

    FINAL COUNT THIS WEEK – 5 cars, 10 DDs, 5 F!s, the J! 5xC, 1 new J! champ, 1 each in our BDs, SDs, and our MDs, the Any # Piggy, 2 High SCs, 1 Low SC, 10 trips, and $172K+ in cash.
    BLOOD COUNT THIS WEEK – 7 cars (more lost than won again), 5 DDs, 10 F!s, the outgoing J! 5xC, 1 J! Cardinal Sinner, 5 trips, 1 High SC, 2 Low SCs, and $69,997 in cash.

    FINAL RATING THIS WEEK – 16 of 20 (Primetime, incl. the Oscars and cooking shows) + 3.75 of 10 (Daytime) = 19.75 of 30 (Overall Losing Week, again. What a shame.)

    Despite a shortened week, TPIR was our only major Winning Show this week, J! went split, the other two lost.

    That concludes Week 26, fans. Have a great weekend, back here Sunday when we begin Week 27 with AMERICAN IDOL.


  2. Not sure if this counts as a ZONK Contestant(s) of the Week, but here’s one in the world of sports:

    Hendrick Motorsports was assessed the LARGEST FINE IN NASCAR HISTORY THIS WEEK, a combined $400,000, for modifying a single-set part on the Next-Gen car, a no-no in the sport’s rulebook.

    As a result, the No. 5, the No. 9, the No. 24, and the No. 48, all Chevrolet Camaros, were docked 100 Owner’s Points and have had 10 Playoff Points deducted as well (and the 5, 24, and the 48 lost 100 Driver’s Points as well). Their crew chiefs are suspended from the next four Cup Series races.

    Why? NASCAR officials confiscated hood louvres during practice at Phoenix International Raceway on March 10th, which leads to a possible Dishonorable Mention, as the same L2-level penalty was assessed to another Chevrolet team, Kaulig Racing, as the same penalty happened to their No. 31 car (L2-level, $100K fine, crew chief suspended for the next four races).

    For more info: https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2023/03/15/nascar-gives-hendrick-motorsports-kaulig-racing-l2-level-penalties/


    1. *single-source. Can’t type when severe anxiety and depression has been hounding me all week. Favorite teams are GONE from March Madness, and I’m still trying to recover from the shock. Also been a crappy week for me as well.


  3. With Week 27 well underway it is time to put a coda on last week.

    Ali and Christina (LINGO) are this forum’s CONTESTANT OF THE WEEK with $92K, the most winnings of any player this week. HONORABLE MENTION goes to Stephen Webb, whom we will next see in November’s J! ToC as the latest 5xC! Way to go! Other mentions: Bridget McGarry (TPIR) for her perfect play of Time Is $.
    ZONK CONTESTANT OF THE WEEK – Diane Warren, for losing Oscar #14 for Best Original Song…like Susan Lucci, “always the bridesmaid, never the bride”. No clear cut civilian losers other than Andrew Brady, J!’s Cardinal Sinner from Thursday.

    Week 26 is now officially in the books,

    We now return you to Week 27 of our ‘22-‘23 Game Show Season.


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