LMaD Quickcap: 3/15/2023

Let's Make a Deal logo

Perfect Deals: 1 Again

Car Wins?: No

Zonk Victims: Kyle, Laura Gail
Dodged Zonks: Jordan

BD (Marian – surrenders Diamonds by Angie 14kt gold bracelet)
SD (#1): 65″ 4K HDTV + Kali Audio speaker bundle & yogibo beanbags ($4,396)- X
MD (#2): Furn. Town Plus D.R. + tala brass 9-pendant ceiling light ($7,448)
BD (#3): 5n Alaskan Bear Camp visit courtesy of natural habitat Adventures ($21,824)

Jane: Envelope ($200)- $
Mary: Up to 4 green things (T)-M-O
Laverne: Up to 3 fruits- $200
Thomas: Remembering what Jordan serves as his take on Long Island Iced Tea (J)($400)- L.A. SWIG WASN’T IT (A: L.A. Water)
Shannon: Backpack (T)($300)- $ (they may have discontinued the $500 twitter QD)

My Rating: 4.5

Grizzly bear in water growling, mouth open
There is a chance for Wheel to hurt Deal’s winnings tonight.

One thought on “LMaD Quickcap: 3/15/2023

  1. Same broken record…no car, no BD, and a sole survivor (this time Jordan in the opening deal). What else is new, folks?

    Bobby’s Rating – 2 of 10 (Losing Show) – well our Winning Week streak didn’t last very long, did it? Due to NCAA Basketball the rest of the week, we get yet another Losing Week in this already Lost Season. Monty’s Ghost laughs again.


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