WoF Quickcap: 3/13/2023


This Week Theme: Fun & Games

Which of these contestants will be STAYING MOTIVATED?
Taylor West (ANA): Singer at theme park who also works w/ student education & performing arts programs & sales & is an aunt
Chad Drew (Englewood, CO): Entrepreneur & Air Force vet (used to bee a Staff Sgt) married to Amy
Megan Gino (Austin): Spin instructor

Final Scores: Taylor: $20,549 $ + Spain/Chad: $18,050/Megan: $2,000

GT: $40,599
Bankrupt Trash (Excluding MW Risk):$8,550


BR Car this week: Lincoln Corsair

$100K Bonus Round: Taylor will Not be going to a NEW MUSEUM WING in a Corsair

My Rating: 6.15

2 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 3/13/2023

  1. A tight match between two players, not much luck for Megan, a whole lot in the Trust, including a lost car in the BR. I think had Big Winner Taylor called out “W” she would have nailed it.

    Bobby’s Rating – 6 of 10 (Losing Show)

    Leading into THE VOICE…
    FINAL COUNT – our only car win on LMAD, the 3xG in our DDs, 1 F! (with the J! 5xC), the MD, the non-car High SC, and two trips.
    BLOOD COUNT – 2 cars (incl. here and in the Low SC, meaning more lost than won), 2 F!s, the everything-but-the-car BD, and $29,997 in the Grand Game.

    TPIR and J! were are two major Winning Shows today, LMAD and this show lost.

    We were lucky to get at least one car won at all on LMAD. In other words, due to College Week all this week on TPIR, our main game cars will only be offered on LMAD, the rest in Bonus Games (LMAD’s BD, TPIR’s SCs, & WOF’s BRs). Take note of it.

    Enjoy Primetime, and again, congratulations to Stephen for making it into the J! ToC in November!


  2. The Mystery Round was a big slogfest even though it resulted in a $10K prize win. Taylor and Chad had a decent match, nonetheless. Too bad the former got a tough word in the BR.

    My Rating: 5 (D) (awful Mystery Round)


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