Contestant of the Week for March 6-10, 2023

The Contestant of the Week belongs to: Justin Bolsen.  Why? Because he dominated the High School Reunion Tournament.  He Beat Claire Sattler(Ant0824’s Pick) to advance to the Final and Won $100,000.  More Importantly, He will be in the Tournament of Champions.  Here are some Honorable Mentions: We have finally Achieved its First Perfect Big Deal Week  of the Season with All Big Deals won from LMaD.  And On TPiR We achieved 19 games won out of 30 with Secured a Winning Percentage of the Week with 5 Cars won (Money Game, One Away, Pathfinder, 10 Chances & Dice Game and that is from each Day that week).  Annmarie & Riley won Lingo and Took Home $90,500.

I Do not want to be the Bearer of Bad News, but this Week’s ZONK Contestant of the Week goes to: Claire Sattler.  Here’s Why: She were leading by a slim $200 heading into final Jeopardy, where She, Stephanie and Justin Missed.  Justin Betted #2,001 dropping him to 6,301 and Claire needed to wager 2200 or less to advance, and what did she do? She Betted 6,201 Costing her a Chance at a ToC.  Other Dishonorable Mentions: We Ended up with another Double Over being the 10th one of the Season on TPiR, Couple of heartbreaking Bailouts from Gas Money & It’s in the Bag, Car Skunk #11 from LMaD, 25 words or Less BR Skunk and Champs’ 8 Week winning Streak came to an End After Melissa Peterman and Challengers Dominated the One & Done Champs and oh yeah, another 2-3 Week on Wheel

2 thoughts on “Contestant of the Week for March 6-10, 2023

  1. We will put a closure on Week 26 of our Game Show Season no later than Monday morning.

    In the meantime, here is the final stats for this week, and despite the early Money Game play, we must include ALL major games…

    FINAL COUNT THIS WEEK – 8 cars, 9 DDs, only 5 F!s, the J! tourney champ, all 3 BDs, 9 trips, 2 Low SCs, 2 High SCs, a boat, and over $213K in cash.
    BLOOD COUNT THIS WEEK – 13 cars (once again, more lost than won), 6 DDs, 10 F!s (incl. 2 3xS’), 2 trips, 3 High SCs, 3 Low SCs (and the SC DOB), a WOF Cardinal Sinner, and $173K in cash (with the Gas Money and Grand Game Tumble).

    OVERALL RATING THIS WEEK – 16 of 20 (Primetime, including the cooking shows) + 3.75 of 10 (Daytime) = 19.75 of 30 (Overall Losing Week)

    LMAD, surprisingly, despite the shortened week and no overall car win, is our only major Winning Show this week, with J! going 50/50 Split, and TPIR & WOF losing shows.

    For now, that is it.

    Remember to set your clocks ahead one hour before bedtime Saturday for the return of Daylight Savings Time, followed by Hollywood’s biggest game show, the Oscars, Sunday on ABC.

    Back next week!


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