2 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 3/7/2023

  1. Another Cardinal Sinner and a $40K BR loss does this show in.

    Bobby’s Rating – 4 of 10 (Losing Show and on the verge of our 5th straight Losing Week)

    With LMAD absent today…
    FINAL COUNT – our only car win on TPIR, 1 each in our DDs and F!s (with another F! tourney player going forward), and the usual trip.
    BLOOD COUNT – 2 cars (incl. the SC DOB, meaning more lost than won), 2 each in our DDs and F!s, the WOF Cardinal Sinner, and $113,999 in cash (incl. the Grand Game Tumble).

    None of our major shows won today (J! went split, the other two lost). Terrible Taco Tuesday.

    Enjoy THE VOICE!


  2. Jenn was a pretty good player in this episode, and Greg, who finished with a decent 2nd-place total, was fun to watch. As for the BR, the FGHI combo would’ve helped nicely for Jenn.

    My Rating: 6 (D+)


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