TPiR Quickcap: 3/3/2023

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First Four: David Louie, Erica Adkins, Chris Lister & Katherine Mattie
Check-Out: Erica A. ($1,340) Gets Clocked Out of Game Empty-Handed

Followed By: Christine Rasmussen
2 For the Price of 1: David ($ ) Gets Both Prizes for One Price (GT: $7,609)

Up Next: Derek Cromartie
Freeze Frame: Christine ($1,522) Freezes in the Win Zone (GT: $8,506)

SCSD #1 Winner: Christine (Banked $1K – $9,506)

Coming on in: Erica Frizzell
Plinko: Katherine ($ ) Wins $11K After 4 Chips (GT: $13,788)

Now Entering: Mary Wells
Push Over: Mary ($716) Pushes in the Right Price (GT: $8,562)

Coming Up Next: Geoffery Zunker
More or Less: Chris ($ ) Escapes the FFBC to get 3 Prizes although ended with a Car Wipeout (GT: $9,336)

SCSD #2 Winner: Chris (Spin-off – WON $26K!! – $35,336)

Showcase Winner: Christine ($52,505)

Total Games won: 4 out of 6 (1 Partials)- Total Winnings: $119,140

My rating: 7 (Thank God for the $26K Win)

One thought on “TPiR Quickcap: 3/3/2023

  1. At least the preceding LMAD will prevent our Car Dilemma as our only car win here was in a Bonus Game (the Low SC). Great $26K get in SCSD 2 by Chris!

    Bobby’s Rating – DISALLOWED (but still in Skipps’ books as a Losing Week).


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