TPiR Quickcap: 2/28/2023

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Today, we end the month with a bust as no one won their pricing games.

Off to the FFBC: Anthony

Dud Spin?: Yes (Mark)

Showcase Showdown Winner #1: William

Showcase Showdown Winner #2: Cesar

Showcase Winner: Cesar ($31,297)

Total Games Won: SKUNKED! – Total Winnings: $38,920

Rating: 1 (F-)


Stamp of Rejection v3
Pretty sure J! and WoF would hurt their winnings tonight.

Boot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims
Anthony is just Like the Skunked Show: Stunk

One thought on “TPiR Quickcap: 2/28/2023

  1. The main game today was a skunk. Obviously a DCL. Coupled with a High SC loss for a car, we complete the CBS Car Wipeout and puts us on the verge of this week’s first Total Daytime Car Wipeout, pending WOF at the end of our day.

    Pathetic playing indeed.

    Rating – same as Ismael’s – 1 of 10 (Losing Show—CBS stunk today).

    On to J!.


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