WoF Quickcap: 2/20/2023


First Set of Teens competing This Week
Miles Reynolds, Senior involved in Student Government from Port Orange, FL
Khushi Toleradu, Sophomore involved in her own Club fromColorado Springs, CO
Juliana Palumbo, Junior in NHS from Bardstown, KY

FINAL SCORES: Juliana: $17,887 $ + Prizes /Miles: $6,650/Khushi: $1,900

GT: Very Disappointing $26,437
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $5,000 + WC

Scary Moment:

Round 3 Took an Awful Long Time having Trouble with the First Word, A Express Crash after Miles thought an M and Khushi thinking a G in FREGH?

Which one of the Categories await Julianna?: THING/PHRASE/F&D

$100K Bonus Round: Without Additional Letters on the Bottom, Juliana saw $40,000 go Frozen among with COOKIE DOUGH

My Rating: 2


That Round 3 was hard especially the First Word

2 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 2/20/2023

  1. This week is Teen Week, thus no cars in play all this week, therefore all our cars will be offered on our CBS shows.

    Lots of cash wasted, but ok win for Juliana. But yet another tough BR to end our day with $40K gone…0-4 now in our BR.

    Bobby’s Rating – up two notches at 4 of 10 (Losing Show)

    Although Money Game was played right off the bat earlier today, ALL games must still be counted per this site’s rules and regulations. Thus…

    FINAL COUNT – 3 cars (incl. the BD), 2 DDs, 1 F! (with J!’s tourney player going forward), 2 trips (incl. the Low SC), and $8K.
    BLOOD COUNT – 2 cars (incl. the High-est SC so far this week, but still more cars won today than lost), 1 DD, 2 F!, and $40K here.

    LMAD and J! are our two major Winning Shows today, this show and TPIR lost.

    Enjoy AGT:AS, back tomorrow


  2. This was not that great of a start to the first solo Teen Week since S13. Quite a few multiples left out in the first two rounds plus a TRAINWRECK Round 3 wasting away potential for a fifth and possibly sixth round. And FREGH, Khushi?! SMH. 😡

    Bonus Round: I got the BR puzzle with Juliana’s letter choices, but BGHO would’ve helped nicely.

    My Rating: 4 (F+)

    And Khushi actually went viral as a result of her mishap: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2023/02/wheel-of-fortune-fresh-tropical-fruit-mistake-video


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