TPiR at Night Quickcap: 2/15/2023 – FAMILIES

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First Four Families: The Stefanelli Family, The Tuttle Family, The Veliz Family & The Eisenberg Family
Hi-Lo: The Tuttles ($2,696) Go High and Low to a Car Win (GT: $57,171)

Followed By: The Bland Family
1 Right Price: The Stefanellis ($6,669) Pick the Correct Trip with the Right Price (GT: $44,222)

Up Next: The Puckett Family
Plinko: The Pucketts ($2,030) Bank $22,500 with 3 Chips (GT: $24,650)

SCSD #1 Winner: The Stefanelli Family

Coming on in: The Cheng Family
Balance Game: The Eisenbergs ($3,130) Underbalance out of the Game

Now Entering: The Sands Family
Shell Game: The Blands ($1,579) Complete a TOTAL CLEAN SWEEP (GT: $67,772)

Coming Up Next: The Helminak Family
Lucky Seven: The Chengs ($2,966) Busted out (You Think there’s a 0 in the Price of an Audi?)

Off to the FFBC: The Veliz Family

SCSD #2 Winner: The Cheng Family

Showcase Winner: The Stefanelli Family ($93,088)

Total Games won: 4 out of 6 – Total Winnings: $248,777 (ANOTHER NEW SEASON HIGH!)

My Rating: 7 (C+)

Ant0824’s Rating: 9

5d6e720c6f24eb16e04bb365Boot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims

Sorry Veliz Family

2 thoughts on “TPiR at Night Quickcap: 2/15/2023 – FAMILIES

  1. Earlier today on our regular TPIR I had said we still had a shot at a Winning Week. Turns out my mind drifted a bit as the fate of this week had already been determined with doing no better than a 50/50 Split Week going into this show.

    That said, this Family special had a lot of potential, especially after that Golden Road win earlier this season. We did get one car won in the Main Game, yet another tough set-up in an otherwise non-car game (Hi-Lo).

    The biggest prize of the night in Plinko was partially lost—although the Center Slot was hit for $20K, we could only squeeze $22,500. Usually I would label a win on Plinko if the Center Slot is hit at least once, but on this occasion due to the magnitude of the money at stake, I’m gonna do what would label it (and upon checking their site, actually did), a loss ($77,500 out), so for the moment the Puckett family is our candidate for ZONK CONTESTANT OF THE WEEK.

    Lucky 7 goes unlucky again. The Cardinal Sin here…guessing a “0” in the price of the car. Rarely do you get “0”s in any car game.

    As for tonight’s Showcase, it was really no different from having a “nothing but furniture/Splendido” Low SC (for a car) and the car SC (actually for trips) as the High one, and, of course, the Stepfanelli family had to win the “Splendido” SC.

    As for our other PGs, Shell Game and 1 Right Price nailed.

    All in all, this Family Primetime wasn’t that good overall.

    Bobby’s Rating – 6 of 10 (Losing Show – the Evil Sweep is complete! Guaranteed Losing Week…two shows down, two to go.)

    Our final day summary will appear here after LINGO, around 10 or 11 PM ET.


  2. With LINGO now concluded, here are today’s final stats, reflecting today’s absence of LMAD…

    FINAL COUNT – 3 cars, 2 Low SCs, the 3xG in our DDs, 2 F!s (with the new J! champ), 1 trip, 1 cruise, and over $122,500 in cash.
    BLOOD COUNT – 3 cars (even Steven with our autos, again due to LMAD’s absence today), an RV, 1 F! (with the outgoing J! champ), 3 trips, and $77,500 in Plinko money.

    J! ends up our only major Winning Show today, the three other shows (both TPIR’s and WOF) lost.

    Enjoy the rest of the night, back tomorrow morning.


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