3 thoughts on “Contestant of the Week for February 6-10, 2023

  1. Skipps’ team’s “…Of The Week” choices will be delayed, possibly due to Skipps’ absence. While we wait, here are this week’s Final Stats to tie you down…

    FINAL COUNT THIS WEEK – only 7 cars, 8 DDs, 9 F!s (with two new J! champs), 3 MDs, the Cash Vaulted SD, 9 trips, 2 each in our High and Low SCs, and over $306K in cash.
    BLOOD COUNT THIS WEEK – 13 cars (more lost than won), all 5 BDs, 2 each in our Low and High SCs (one of the lost High SCs included the Puppy Bowl Experience-more on that in a moment), 7 DDs, 6 F!s (with two outgoing J! champs), the Gas $, 2 boats, 1 motorcycle, 1 trip, one Griffin Cardinal Sinner, and $250K thrown away in THE CHASE.

    OVERALL RATING THIS WEEK – 14 of 20 (Primetime) + 4.25 (Daytime) = 18.25 of 30 (Overall Losing Week, with J! the only major show with a Winning Week—TPIR went 50/50 Split, LMAD and WOF had Losing Weeks).

    By the way, for those who expected TPIR to have a Super Bowl showcase, the big game is on FOX this Sunday, hence the Puppy Bowl SC (the second of the three “event” SCs), and we now know it was lost…BUT, next year we will have a Super Bowl SC on TPIR as CBS will broadcast Super Bowl LVIII.

    Again, Bobby’s choices for the week can be found at:

    Ok, enjoy the big game this Sunday…back next week!


  2. As I write this, Game Show Week 23 is well underway. On behalf of this forum, sorry for the rare delay in getting last week’s honors up. All I can do to help further here is to ask for both your patience and indulgence while we wait for the results to finally go up. I am sure the reason behind the delay will be revealed in due course.

    Thank you, as we push on with our Game Show Season.


    1. Not sure if I’m ready to return yet. Have to see what’s in store for me this week. I hope to return either sometime in the middle of this week or ultimately next week. Been going through so much outside of game shows lately.


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