25 Words Quickcap: 2/10/2023


Challengers w/ Colton Dunn: John & Claudia (son/mom)
Champs w/ Matt Iseman: Lori & Jennifer (dance moms) — 4-day winnings: $20,250 + 2 Prizes

Turn #1 answers: SANDWICH, ALI, JOLLY, PAROLE & SOPHOMORE; Bid: 11 (Matt)- Champs Strike First
Turn #2 answers (John vs. Jennifer): STUBBLE, FENCE, FATHER-IN-LAW, STARBUCKS & NEW YORK; Bid: 11 (John)- Evens the Game

Superfan of the Day: Shayna (WCVB)

Turn #3 answers: RELISH, DONALD, MACHO, INFLATE & CENTIPEDE; Bid: 11 (Lori)- Unable to get CENTIPEDE (Challengers 500 – Champs 250)

Round 2
Green Words (250): ROMANTIC(Colton), KILL(Matt), AUTUMA, AFTER, CABINET
Yellow Words (500): AMBIDEXTROUS(Matt), USHER, HOBBY(Colton-Slotomania), BUCKINGHAM PALACE(Matt), CLASSIFIED
Red Words (1,000): LINEUP, TELEKINESIS(Colton), MADARIN(Matt), BUNION(Colton), SCARLET LETTER(Matt)

On the line: 3250 For Team Matt; 3 + $250 for Team Colton

Champs: Sweep (4500)
Challengers (Need All to Tie): Out on BUNION (Challengers are Evicted from the show with Lobster Gram with $250)

Money Round: Jennifer Falters on 2 words and ended with 8 right – To Agua Caliente they are going – Now 5 Day winnings of Over $25K in Cash & Prizes

My rating: 6

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