WoF Quickcap: 2/7/2023


One of these three left to right could be hitting HIGHWAYS AND BYWAYS
Kelly Soares, a married lady to Chris with a one-year-old daughter named Brielle and one on the way (her first daughter learned to clap by watching the show when she was between 6-8 months) who’s a physician assistant at an IVF clinic from Scottsdale, AZ
Buddy Wren (🏳️‍🌈), an enrollment specialist at a university who’s going to get married soon, getting his Masters in forensic psychology and likes Agatha Christie mystery novels from Albuquerque, NM
Krystal Gratta, a married lady to her best friend Mike with a seven-year-old son named Mikey who’s a forager from Somerville, MA

Final Scores: Kelly: $12,400 cash & Barbados/Buddy: $15,750/Krystal: $4,050

GT: a modest $32,200
Krystal’s EXPRESS Bankrupt Trash: $7,700

Scary moments

-Well, I was afraid SAFE in the left column of the WALL ________ crossword was gonna trip up Kellyand it did along w/ Buddy as they whiff w/ P for phooey and a little later M for murky, respectively ($3,200 goes down the drain for the former; where’d she think the P was gonna fit?! -__-).


S O M E / _ A _ E S

Krystal B for BOMBS OUT to throw away $7,700 — did you seriously think it was CATCHING SOME BABES?! This is a G-rated show, girl! UGH. -__- We got a $0 prize puzzle win as a result of that epic NSFW fail that is most likely gonna go viral and is going down on my WORST of S40 moments.

-S-U was riddled w/ duds, but at least it was quick thanks to Kelly’s impressive solve.

We are NOT too hopeful of this next segment after that rocky maingame: PHRASE/THING/EVENT


$100K Bonus Round: We’re obviously lying when we tell you “WE JOINED A GYM“, but I wish I was lying when I say that Buddy is the third $50K loser this season. BIG TIME FORCED LOSS.

My Rating: 2 (F-)

Skipps’ Rating: 3 (F) (no thanks to Krystal’s epic EXPRESS fail and $50K loss)

Mythman’s Rating: 3/10 (Absolute Piss-Poor Godawful Episode this was)

Unfortunately, that is our twenty-seventh car shutout of the season.


3 thoughts on “WoF Quickcap: 2/7/2023

  1. Another strong main game between the two biggest moneymakers here, and no problem with the crossword puzzle (no “and” trap this time). But for Big Winner Buddy, he had a tough time with the BR…he ain’t going to the gym with $50K.

    Bobby’s Rating – up considerably to 6 of 10 (due to strong Main Game but still a Losing Show, and given LMAD’s absence today, completing this week’s first True Total Daytime Car Wipeout).

    FINAL COUNT – 2 each in our DDs and F!s (with the ongoing J! champ), 3 trips (incl. the Low SC), and a sorry $6K in Plinko $.
    BLOOD COUNT – all 3 cars offered (incl. the High SC), and 1 each in our DDs and F!s.

    With LMAD absent, J! was our only major Winning Show today.

    On to CHOPPED and Primetime ! Back tomorrow .


  2. Buddy may have won with an all-cash total in a tight match with Kelly, but the game overall was pretty rocky. Too bad the lack of help on the last word in the BR resulted in another $50K loss.

    My Rating: 5 (D-)


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