LMaD Quickcap: 2/3/2023 — 🚗FABULOUS CAR WEEK DAY 5🚗

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Last Fabulous Car: Jaguar F-PACE P250 S ($59,334)

Alright, let’s just end this not-so-fabulous week and get this over with…

How Many Perfect Deals?: 2…

…although Beat the Dealer ended in a TOTAL TRAINWRECK.

Car Win?: No (Car Skunk #9)

Zonk Victims: Maher (someone had to take it (No Complaining); he was also invited to the Zonk Redemption special), Lauren, Stephen
Zonk Survivor: Olaf

Big Deal revealed by descending door numbers (Tracy – Gives up Game rm incl. Skee-Ball Home Arcade, Viper dartboard, CROSLEY jukebox & Husky mini-refrigerator & Ace Hard Ciders ($8,403)):
SD (#2): 65″ HDTV + media cabinet + Wharfedale ash white standing & bookshelf speaker set ($5,695)
MD (#3): Kawasaki KX-450 dirt bike ($10,344)
BD (#1): Trip to naia ($14,062) + $8K- LOSING STREAK FINALLY SNAPPED!!

Aired QDs:
Monique: Up to 4 dairy products (Tiffany)- M-O
Felicia: Up to 4 red items- M-O

My Rating: 6 (D+)

We just can’t ever win w/ Pepé Le Pew, can we? (Car Games)

Got beat badly in Beat the Dealer.

One thought on “LMaD Quickcap: 2/3/2023 — 🚗FABULOUS CAR WEEK DAY 5🚗

  1. 🦨 🦨 🦨 Fabulous Car SKUNK 🦨 🦨 🦨 , but we do hit the BD behind the infamous Door #1, for….no car, but a trip (budget here again).

    Sadly, CBS can afford only one Grammy trip this year, so this is, to the best of my knowledge, the first time we have not had a second Grammy trip given away on this show.

    Anyway, a BD win cannot save this show or week.

    Bobby’s Rating – same as Skipps’, 6 of 10 (We do it, folks…Fabulous Losing Show, Week [all five shows lost all the way], and already Season).

    Monty’s Ghost laughs hard, folks.
    🦨 🦨 🦨

    This means, of course, Wednesday’s show had the featured Fabulous Car of the Week (yes, it was lost), so at this point, Zack is statistically our ZONK CONTESTANT OF THE WEEK, and may claim that title unless we get a huge $100K/$1M loss on WOF at the end of our day.

    We move on to the next show on the docket…


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