TPiR Retro Quickcap: 1/28/2013

Here is tonight’s dishonorable mention, and this episode celebrated its 10th birthday a couple of days ago.

First Four: Heather Foster, C.J. Yu, Khrysti Harris and Gwenn Ralins
SwitcherooC.J. ($1,420) got nothing but confusion off the switcheroo

Followed by: Amber Bohac
Double Prices: Heather ($2,145) double whammied

Next: Maximiliano Bolanos
PAY THE RENT: Gwenn ($920) was evicted out into a skunked first half (very little wiggle room when the most expensive item is $3.99 and the Liquid Plumbr is often known for being overpriced)

SCSD #1 Winner: C.J.

Come on down: Jason Kraft
Squeeze Play: Khrysti (FF sweep complete; $590) would soon be squeezing in some meals in that dining room (GT: $7,057)

Next up: Kimberly Sundquist
Any Number: Jason (by default; $670) won the bicycle but caused a car wipeout (GT $1,319)

Last called down: Valerie Hamerling
One Wrong Price: Valerie ($1,206) called fluff on the fridge (GT: $9,324)

SCSD #2 Winner: Valerie

Showcase Winner: C.J. ($41,264)

Games won: 2 of 6 (1 partial) — Final Total: $62,029 ( forgot to add in the bicycle from Any # while did so)

My Rating: 2 (F-)

Skipps’ Rating: 4 (F+) (no thanks to that first half)

And for what I understand, we had a car shutout that day.

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