Contestant of the Week for January 23-27, 2023

Troy Meyer, as I had predicted w/ him being a household name in the quizzing world, is your Contestant of the Week, bagging up $152,202 this week alone ($214,802 in total) and a spot in the next Tournament of Champions, and he was consistent enough to help build up a new SEASON-HIGH in weekly combined Coryat ($212,800). He also became the 7th contestant in the Sky’s The Limit era to pick up a runaway in his first four games. Although he failed to sweep the week as he had unfortunately BUSTED OUT on a “G.O.A.T. Tournament”-difficulty FJ! clue, which unsurprisingly was a Triple Stumper, while facing off w/ those who are also familiar faces in the quizzing world (including the dominant Jake DeArruda who is now the new champion).

Honorable mentions

-Huge redemptions in the showcase by Louis Riviere and Ryan Williams (even though the former was a partial) on the Gratuity Workers’ special and Friday’s episode, respectively. And that sure did carry momentum in the latter half of the week as Michelle Abram also won big on Thursday’s showcase w/ $75,941 in prizes.

-Andres and Diego picked up $87,500 on Lingo.

-David & Jessa swept another week of 25 Words to remain champs, and they’re also the show’s BIGGEST CHAMPIONS EVER w/ an ongoing total of $52K + 8 prizes (over $74K+ approx.)!!! They took the throne on the perfect Tuesday episode where every round & turn were completed successfully.

-Raul Villanueva (bearishplains on BAV) and Brandon Broda/O’Brien made good letter choices in uncommon BR categories to bring us 2-3 (guaranteed winning BR month on Wheel) in this otherwise dull week for this show.

-Patton Oswalt pulled an upset from behind to get into the Finals rd. of Celeb J! when Brendan Hunt and Michael Cera bid to cover each other but both ended up being wrong (and the latter went BUST) while Patton’s all-in wager worked out w/ him having the only correct FJ! response.

Just when I thought this week’s Zonk Contestant of the Week title would go to Brandie Sponaugle, (more on her shortly), Max from Friday’s Master Mind episode takes it the last second…BECAUSE HE INSTANTLY WIPED OUT IN THE BONUS ROUND WHICH TRIGGERED A SKUNKING FOR THIS WEEK. Master Mind Jonathan also only got the fourth & final question right.

Dishonorable mentions:

-And now onto Brandie Sponaugle — this was her first mistake in R1…

A / _ E T E _ T I _ E
S E A R _ H I N G
F O R / _ L U E S

She B for BOMBS OUT on her next pick thinking the last word is BLUES to throw away $8,100 — no way, lady! -__- And then when attempting to solve the _________ POLE crossword puzzle in R2, she whiffs on the top column connected to the first letter of SKI w/ NORTH to let $10K go to waste — they can’t start w/ different letters when they’re linked on the same first letter, ma’am. It wasn’t 100% by incompetence, however, as in R3 she painfully BANKRUPTs near $650 to lose $5K. But alas, her last straw towards receiving the DESERVING $1K GOOSEEGG award from us came during the third Triple T-U…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ E
T _ _ _ _

TREASURE THING, lady?! I know you’re stumbled, but ain’t no chance it’s gonna be that. -__- And that was just part of the collection of fatal misplays occurring throughout the week (which also saw a THING-picker, unnecessary vowel purchases, fatal duds, neglected multiples, etc. and also some editing fails). Michael Douglas Hall dominated this episode, on the other hand, but it still didn’t change the fact that it was an awful episode and he ended the Monday winning streak after getting stuck w/ the DREADED PHRASE/THING/WAYD? trio.

-Joseph Soleno’s PAINFUL Check Game loss by $72.

-Yet another miserable week on LMaD, which includes Travis & Brandy’s brutal playing of Four Keys and back-to-back BD SKUNKINGS for the first time since the wks. of Jan 4-11, 2021 and all five of those losses (including yet another KNOCKOUT) saw a Perfect Deal get traded away. But on the bright side, we started the week w/ another car win, but after that, it was all downhill.

-This week of 25 Words ended on a brutal note as David only got four of the words correct on Friday’s Money Round denying a winning week after last week’s skunked week.

-Anne Faircloth was this week’s other GOOSEEGG VICTIM in a Sony show (J! in this case).

-Lorrie Williams won only the dishwasher on Golden Road, losing her chance at a possible $178K cash & prizes including both showcases and SCSD bonuses.