TPiR Quickcap: 1/27/2023

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First Four: Chloe Akers, Ryan Williams, Alma Isenberg and Sonia Singh
Range Game: Sonia ($1,800) knocks it into the ballpark of St. Maarten (GT: $12,810)

Next contestant up: Victor Peimbert
Make Your Move: Alma ($600) makes the winning move (GT: $10,753)

Next coming on down: Cynthia Seats
Stack the DeckRyan ($2,340) gets stacked into defeat

SCSD #1 Winner: Ryan (Wins $26K!!! — $28,340)

Next: Deana Moore
Bargain Game: Chloe (FF sweep complete; $1,361) snatches a STEAL on the two trips (GT: $13,925)

Next on down: Omar Camacho
Plinko: Omar ($901) wins $21,000 from four chips (GT: $22,114)

Last coming up while Ryan perspires: Ofelia Navarro
Money Game (What do you think, Deepscan?): Cynthia ($1,220) banks in a tech. perfect second half much to Ryan’s chagrin (but it’s not over for him yet, and remember that he won the $26K SCSD bonus) (GT: $28,254)

SCSD #2 Winner: Omar (Spin-Off)

Showcase Winner: Ryan ($57,225 — Can’t complain at all!)

Games won: 5 of 6 — Final Total: $145,081

My Rating: 9 (A)

Ant0824’s Rating: 9

Dunce cap (PBRW denied)
Well, you did technically cost us a perfect PG show, Ryan, but quite the redemption you had there, man!


4 thoughts on “TPiR Quickcap: 1/27/2023

  1. Well, Skipps, If I can make anything of this show at all, other than the fact we at last had Money (aka the TGIF) Game played appropriately for the first time this season as the last PG of the week, as well as the Center Slot hit twice in MG’s call-in game Plinko, this episode was more of an afterthought to our Losing Week, since we had cheap Showcases to end this session (yes, the High one for a car was won). Maybe it was because so much in C&P was wasted on our Wednesday shows.

    Still, a better show than what we had to endure the first three days of this week.

    Rating – 8 of 10 (Winning Show BUT still Losing Week)

    J! next.


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