TPiR At Night Quickcap: 1/25/2023 — đź’µGRATUITY WORKERS SPECIALđź’µ

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First Four Tip Workers: Janelle Porter (free samples at farmers market), Stephen Fenstermacher (country club valet), Kendra Pleasant (food delivery) and Benjamin Gruenbaum (bus boy in Hollywood)
Grand Game: Janelle ($2,410) grand slams it to an EASY W thanks to the yogurt (GT: $27,410)

Next up: Ivy Cesena-Sinjur
Safe Crackers: Benjamin (…be nice to Kendra, man. -_-; $2,298) cracks open all the green (GT: $18,848)

Next up for a tip: Dakare Wilder (server at premium casual restaurant)
Punch-A-Bunch: Kendra ($5,300) wins $5,000 (GT: $10,611)

SCSD #1 Winner: Benjamin

Coming up next: Louis Riviere
Secret X: Dakare ($3,660) receives a $20K prize becoming a Tic-Tac-Toe champion (GT: $23,875)

Next: Leah Peterson
Time is Money: Louis ($4,516) wins $34,492 (GT: $39,008)

Last tips, come on down: Jasmine Wright
1/2 Off: Stephen ($22,645 — and it’s a car!) escapes from the FFBC and joins the winners’ half (GT: $54,363)

SCSD #2 Winner: Louis

Showcase Winner: Louis ($95,552)

Games won: 4 of 6 (2 partials) — Final Total: $230,569 — SEASON HIGH!!!

This episode did not air on some stations due to college basketball.

My Rating: 9 (A-)

I personally had a blast writing this up!

4 thoughts on “TPiR At Night Quickcap: 1/25/2023 — đź’µGRATUITY WORKERS SPECIALđź’µ

  1. This was a very tough one to call, seeing that we didn’t have that many big cash winners tonight if you look at the entire show 4th dimensionally. In fact, the feature game TIM only netted Louis $34K+…$65K+ out though making this game in the books at as a loss. TIMWe did have some cash games hit such as Grand Game.

    We also end up here with two cars, one in a rare IUFB, the other in the Low SC (yes, the biggest SC of the week so far at $66K+ was sacrificed). Odd that the biggest loser of the night, Louis, ends up the SC winner…as Ant would say, a f—— loser wins his SC. But it also means Louis is statistically off the hook as ZCOTW, leaving Lorrie still in the running for the Bottom player this Friday.

    Bobby’s Rating – 50/50 Split (and guaranteeing us yet another Losing Week, meaning 2 strikes, CBS shows are out).


  2. To be very clear about the fate of Time Is Money… listed this as a WIN, but… $34,492 out of a possible $100K doesn’t seem like a win to me. Again, I’m thinking 4th dimensionally…in order for a $100K TIM to actually be won, at least $50,001 (a majority of the money at stake) would have to have been locked up in order for the game to be declared an actual WIN, which is why we counted this as a LOSS, partially affecting Bobby’s rating.

    And to be clear about the reason Louis is “off the hook” as ZONK CONTESTANT OF THE WEEK…$65,508 lost by Louis in TIM vs a possible $178K+ in C&P lost by Lorrie in today’s daytime edition…makes sense to me, and I hope you fans too.

    That is Game Show 101 for you for the day.


  3. Since the rest of our CBS games tonight are not covered here (but will be taken into consideration for our Friday “…Of The Week” honors), here is today’s final count of our long game show day…

    FINAL COUNT – 4 cars (all on both editions of TPIR, two of which were in Low SC’s), 2 DDs, the 3xG in F!s (with J!’s 5xC), the SD, 4 trips, and over $216K in cash games.
    BLOOD COUNT – 5 cars (incl. Golden Road and the two High SCs, meaning more lost than won), the non-car BD, 1 DD, and over $243,508 in C&P total wasted on both editions of TPIR.

    After all was said and done, J! was our only major show that won today.

    Reminder…another extended day tomorrow with C-J! coming right after WOF. Enjoy the rest of the night!

    And again, congratulations Troy, for being J! 5xC and making it into this November’s ToC!


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