TPiR At Night Quickcap: 1/25/2023 — 💵GRATUITY WORKERS SPECIAL💵

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First Four Tip Workers: Janelle Porter (free samples at farmers market), Stephen Fenstermacher (country club valet), Kendra Pleasant (food delivery) and Benjamin Gruenbaum (bus boy in Hollywood)
Grand Game: Janelle ($2,410) grand slams it to an EASY W thanks to the yogurt (GT: $27,410)

Next up: Ivy Cesena-Sinjur
Safe Crackers: Benjamin (…be nice to Kendra, man. -_-; $2,298) cracks open all the green (GT: $18,848)

Next up for a tip: Dakare Wilder (server at premium casual restaurant)
Punch-A-Bunch: Kendra ($5,300) wins $5,000 (GT: $10,611)

SCSD #1 Winner: Benjamin

Coming up next: Louis Riviere
Secret X: Dakare ($3,660) receives a $20K prize becoming a Tic-Tac-Toe champion (GT: $23,875)

Next: Leah Peterson
Time is Money: Louis ($4,516) wins $34,492 (GT: $39,008)

Last tips, come on down: Jasmine Wright
1/2 Off: Stephen ($22,645 — and it’s a car!) escapes from the FFBC and joins the winners’ half (GT: $54,363)

SCSD #2 Winner: Louis

Showcase Winner: Louis ($95,552)

Games won: 4 of 6 (2 partials) — Final Total: $230,569 — SEASON HIGH!!!

This episode did not air on some stations due to college basketball.

My Rating: 9 (A-)

I personally had a blast writing this up!


WoF Quickcap: 1/25/2023


Someone in this midweek panel could be making THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY before this is over
April Bellotti, a flow artist (she started doing hula hooping eight years ago after seeing someone do it online) and crystal collector married to Carl for 13 years w/ two kids from Sherman Oaks
Nick Tomaselli, a drum player for about 20 years married to Liz for four years w/ two daughters from Chalfont, PA
Alisha Kahookele, a registered medical assistant who just recently graduated and mom of two kids (both were born on Dec. 22 three years apart) from Waianae, HI

Final Scores: Nick: $12,950 cash & St. Croix/Alisha: $15,100 WC/April: $11K

GT: $39,050
Nick’s Bankrupt Trash: $1,200

Scary moments

-There were quite a few baffling gameplay decisions being made such as unnecessary vowel purchases and multiples left behind.

Generic categories: PLACE/THING/PHRASE


$100K Bonus Round: It is a BAFFLING MYSTERY (how ironic) why Alisha would make the choice of picking that category, and it (along w/ the useless WC) cost her the Ford Escape (ant0824’s tip: DO NOT waste the obvious I or G in a puzzle containing -ING and DO NOT ******* pick THING).

My Rating: 6 (D+)

J! Quickcap: 1/25/2023

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Today’s challengers
-David Maes, an attorney from Chicago
-Kristina Zimmerman, a youth program coordinator from Seattle, WA

Can he seal the deal, or will he miss it by a rabbit’s hair?: Troy Meyer (4-day $137,600)

Correct/Incorrect: 52/7
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 5/5

Unplayed Clues ($ left on the board): 0 ($0)

Coryat Score: $40,800 (-$400 vs. yesterday)
Lach Trash: $7,000 from 7 triple stumpers (+$800 and +2 TS’s vs. yesterday)
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $6,200 (-$400 vs. yesterday)

Daily Double Correct Answers: 2

Pre-FJ! Scores: Troy: $18,400/David: $16,400/Kristina: $9,200 (Combined: $44K)

Not so sure if Troy could pull it off especially after how hard he faltered on the signaling device in the Double J! round…

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 3

Winner: Troy ($32,801 (5-day $170,401))

After surviving this scare (& also failing to become the first champion in the Sky Is The Limit era to pick up a runaway in his first five games) Troy faces off against tristate opponents Emma Moore from Princeton, NJ and John Guszkowski from Pomfret, CT next tomorrow.

My Rating: 8 (B)


TPiR Quickcap: 1/25/2023

Tonight’s TPiR At Night special will be preempted on some stations due to college basketball.

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First Four: Ina Price (81 yrs. old), Reginald Marshall, Jarrod Norton & Lorrie Williams
GOLDEN ROAD: Lorrie ($1,896) Gets Only the Dishwasher (GT: $2,645)

Followed By: Joseph Soleno
Side By Side: Ina ($1,305) Goes to the Winning Side (GT: $9,767)

Up Next: Robin Gable
Secret X: Reginald ($930) Failed to Make 3 in a Row (GT: $955)

SCSD #1 Winner: Ina

Coming on in: Andre Williams
Check Game: Joseph ($2,228) Gets his Check Voided By $72

Now Entering: Maysen Bagge
Let em’ Roll: Jarrod ($506) Gets All 5 Car Symbols (GT: $23,596)

Coming Up Next: Eric Kristenson
Do The Math: Andre ($1,070) Ends up with a Zero

SCSD #2 Winner: Andre

Showcase Winner: Ina ($45,535)

Total Games won: 2 out of 6 (1 Partial) – Total Winnings: $76,029

My rating: 7

Skipps’ Rating: 7 (C-) (tough call even w/ the painful Check Game loss, but I enjoyed watching Jarrod do the worm)

LMaD Quickcap: 1/25/2023

Let's Make a Deal logo

How Many Perfect Deals?: 2

Car Win?: No…

…because Four Keys ended in a TOTAL TRAINWRECK.

Zonk Victims: Danielle, Laurale

Big Deal revealed by descending door numbers (Tavian – Gives up Diamond & Jewelry Gallery 14kt white gold ring ($5,260)):
SD (#2): BODY GLOVE pkg + Skydio drone ($3,647)- M.O.
MD (#3): rypen office incl. 13″ laptop & $500 office supplies GC ($5,024)
BD (#1): Trip to Kimpton Surfcomber & natural habitat Adventure in Canada ($24,018)

How Many Perfect Deals Now?: 1

Sole Aired QD (Carol): Up to 3 dog treats- M-O

My Rating: 2 (F-)

Four Keys, all of them lost.


25 Words Quickcap: 1/25/2023


Challengers w/ Greg Grunburg: Leonia & Corliss (daughter/mom)
Champs w/ Gabrielle Ruiz: David & Jessa (trivia friends, and it’s Jessa’s birthday 🎂) — 10-day $41,500 + 6 prizes (approx. $56K+ in total)

Round 1
Turn #1 answers: LATTE, PLEDGE, HANDCUFFS, BRANDO & VOLT; Bid: 18 (Greg)- Challengers strike first
Turn #2 answers (Leonia v. Jessa): ICING, CATS, SCOTLAND, BASEBALL & VULTURE; Bid: 17 (Jessa)- Pick up CATS

Superfan of the Day: Kathy (MORE 27- ukulele band member for a ministry)

Turn #3 answers: DECEMBER, MINISTER, SLEEPING BAG, ADVENTURE & AFTERSHOCK; Bid (max starting bid used): 13 (David)- Champs to the lead! (Challengers: 250; Champs: 500)

Round 2
Green Words (250): CHOP (Greg), ARIZONA (Gabrielle), SELF (Gabrielle), FOOD (Greg) & BAGEL (Greg)
Yellow Words (500): PORRIDGE (Gabrielle- “Slotomania”), DELAWARE, DISAGREE, COUNTER & OTTER
Red Words (1000): DARK WEB, CHAKA KHAN (Greg), WEEPING WILLOW (Greg), SPACE NEEDLE (Gabrielle- “Slotomania”) & EAR CANDLE (Gabrielle)

At Stake: Greg (2750); Gabrielle (3000 + Slotomania bonuses)

Challengers: Clear board (4K)
Champs: Survive the scare! (Challengers leave w/ Caroline’s Cakes)

Money Round: Jessa gets one wrong and they will have to settle for Sandals to add to their total.

My Rating: 8 (B-)