TPiR Retro Quickcap: 5/16/2001

First Four: George, Angela, Alysia and Patrick
Push Over: Patrick ($1,299) pushed his way over to Catamaran (GT: $8,879)

Followed by: Peggy
Grand Game: Alysia ($500) only won $100 (GT: $600)

Next up: Scott
One AwayPeggy (by default; $1,030) came short on the last two digits

SCSD #1 Winner: Alysia
Dud Spin: Peggy

Come on down: Leslie
Side by Side: Scott ($1,299) would soon be striking keys side by side of each other making sweet symphonies on his new grand piano (GT: $10,971)

Up next: Claudette
Line ’em UpAngela ($1,050 ( erroneously listed it as $950)) lined up to a car wipeout

Final contestant: Eric
Cliff Hangers: George ($1,899) escaped from the FFBC and also survived on Mt. Everest coming home to a new dining room (GT: $9,064)

That also resulted in a First Six Sweep.

SCSD #2 Winner: Angela

Showcase Winner: Angela ($24,033)

Games won: 3 of 6 — Final Total: $54,577

My Rating: 3 (F)

Skipps’ Rating: 4 (F+) (cheap showcases (even for 2001) did not help this episode)

Grizzly bear in water growling, mouth open


WoF Quickcap: 1/16/2023

Don’t forget to enter each night’s bonus puzzle this week for your chance to win an trip to somewhere courtesy of collette.


Hope we get more than one win on this season’s edition of ✈Collette Show You The World✈.

First trio of which could win a trip to BERLIN, GERMANY
Laurie Wallin, a married lady of seven years to Mark w/ three kids who did a 42K piece jigsaw puzzle that hangs in her garage from Irvine, CA
Kristen Creech, a communications director at her church and painter (she does acrylic) who also hosts a foreign exchange student from Germany (kinda disappointing she didn’t buzz in on that Toss-Up) married to Brandon for almost 11 years w/ three kids from Guyton, GA
Eric Mitchell, a communications director for a local school district and bike rider who has an ambition of having Pat’s job (whoa! 😲) from L.A.

Final Scores: Eric: $4,200/Laurie$30,700 cash & HI/Kristen: $1K GOOSEEGG

GT: $35,900
Tonight’s Bankrupt Trash: $11,500 + WC

Scary moments

-In the opening Toss-Up…

B E _ _ _ _
G _ _ _ A N Y

Eric blows it w/ BELGIUM, GERMANY — those are two different countries, man! -__- (Zonk Answer of the Wk. nominee)

-So much was lost to BANKRUPTs in the first half, and Kristen lost her MW $ w/ an UNTIMELY LaT.

BR categories: THING/AtH/PHRASE

BR car of the week: Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport SE w/ Technology (makes sense since “atlas” is a collection of maps of the world)

$100K Bonus Round: Laurie locates $40K (this is getting almost as bad as S32/33 w/ all those minimum envelopes…) inside these LARGE PACKING BOXES (pulled a Dave and six Mondays in a row, could be looking for lucky seven next Monday).

Laurie’s Final Total: $70,700 cash & HI

New GT: $75,900

My Rating: 6 (D+)

Skipps’ Rating: 6 (D+) (bad first half)

Boot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims
Tough break, Kristen.

Unfortunately, that is our twenty third car shutout of the season.

J! Quickcap: 1/16/2023

Jeopardy! logo

Today’s challengers
-Katie Palumbo, a museum interpreter from Amawalk, NY
-Jimmy Davoren, a teacher from Coronado, CA

Hopes to continue the hype train: Yogesh Raut (3-day $96,403)

Correct/Incorrect: 58/4
Rebounds/Rebound Attempts: 3/3

Unplayed Clues ($ left on the board): 0 ($0)

Coryat Score: great start w/ $48,800!
Lach Trash: just $1,600 from 2 triple stumpers!
Coryat lost to incorrect responses (less double-correct responses): $3,600

Daily Double Correct Answers: 3

Pre-FJ! Scores: Katie: $25,600/Yogesh: $23,800/Jimmy: $11,400 (Combined: $39,600)

Yogesh has shown he could survives scares like this last Friday by winning after not leading going into FJ!. Can he do it again today? Or has he already gotten tired?

Final Jeopardy! Correct Answers: 0 (What is the Ford Model T?; Katie was not specific enough)


Winner: Katie ($23,100)

Well, that’s disappointing. Still, it was a great battle between Yogesh and Katie and a great run for him nonetheless and leaves w/ $98,403 (although likely no ToC for him (maybe)). Up next are Vince Bacani from Montreal, Quebec 🍁 and Stephanie Pakula from Cambridge, MA.

My Rating: 7 (C)

TPiR Quickcap: 1/16/2023

Originally intended for last Friday.

The Price is Right logo

First Four Contestants: Oscar Mendez Gonzales, Leslie Chesebrough Mihalko, Patrick Kappel & Sarah Mendoza
Flip Flop: Sarah ($1,040) Flops to Victory (GT: $7,871)

Followed By: Nathan Gholston
2 for the Price of 1: Nathan ($560) Gets Both Prizes for the Price of 1 (GT: $14,621)

Up Next: Sabrina Alford
Rat Race: Patrick ($1,250) Crashes out of the Race in 4th (GT: $1,252.19)

SCSD #1 Winner: Nathan (Banked $1K – $15,621)

Coming on in: Robin Blanford
One Wrong Price: Leslie ($2,599) Locates the Pool Table that was Incorrectly Priced (GT: $13,464)

Now Entering: Benjamin Hartrent
Lucky Seven: Robin ($1,634) Busts out on the Fourth Number resulting in a Car Wipeout

Coming Up Next: Jennifer Mumby
It’s in the Bag: Benjamin ($1,435) Bags in All 5 Groceries for the Top Prize (GT: $17,435)

Punched Out of the Show: Oscar

SCSD #2 Winner: Benjamin

Showcase Winner: Nathan ($44,893)

Total Games won: 4 out of 6 – Total Winnings: $86,549.19

My rating: 6

Skipps’ Rating: 7 (C-) (it was a tough call for me)

Boot to Gooseeggs and FFBC Victims
Oscar, You just couldn’t get any traction Going

25 Words Quickcap: 1/16/2023


Challengers w/ Tiya Sircar: Brett & Molly (cooking buds)
Champs w/ Greg Grunberg: David & Jessa (trivia friends) – 3 day Winnings: $30,750

Turn #1 answers: MALL, WASTE, PINOCCHIO, EARTH & SCRABBLE; Bid: 12 (Tiya)- Challengers Strike First
Turn #2 answers (Brett v. David): PREGNANT, WINDY, OASIS, BIG BROTHER & CHEETAH; Bid: 14 (Brett)- Advance to 2-2

Superfan of the Day: Nicky (CW Nashville)

Turn #3 answers: ARK, GRINCH, WAX, EARLY BIRD & MUSEUM; Bid: 15 (Jessa)- Finally gets in the Game (Challengers 500 – Champs 250)

Round 2
Green Words (250): ENEMY(Greg), PRO, WRITE, DEMOCRAT, PANCAKE(Tiya)
Red Words (1,000): JUMBLE(Tiya), NEARSIGHTED(Tiya), RIPTIDE(Greg), KIDNEY STONE(Tiya), PUDGY

On the line: 2750 For Champs & Greg; 3750 for Challengers & Tiya

Champs: Clears it (4,500)
Challengers (Needs All 5 to win): Fail on JUMBLE & OTHER WORD THEY MISS (banned from the Show with Tommy Bahama)

Money Round: David Falters on the Money Round with 8 right – What will they get to go with their $30,750?: Cuisinart air fryer, toaster oven & 11pc cookware

My rating: 6

Skipps’ Rating: 6 (D+) (faltered beginning w/ the challenger’s turn in R2)

LMaD Quickcap: 1/16/2023

Let's Make a Deal logo

Perfect Deals: 2

Car Wins?: No…


…GOLD RUSH Ended In PAINFUL BAILOUT. Why Would you do That Melody?

Zonk Victims: Eric & Shantel (Couple)
Zonk Survivors: Lorin, Dave

Big Deal revealed by ascending door numbers (Malinda (Forfeits 4n at William Gray in Montreal ($6,063))):
SD (#3): BOWFLEX XTREME 2 SE & VeloCore ($3,996)- X
MD (#1): SKEE-BALL Home Arcade & “Legends Pinball ES” ($7,498)
BD (#2): Saguaro Palm Springs WG & trip to Paresa in Thailand ($26,099) (revealed second)


Total Perfect Deals Dropped to: 1

Aired QDs:
Dana: Cassette tape ($500)- $
Tyanne: Cayenne (Jonathan)($300)- $

My Rating: 3 (That Heartbreaking Bailout in Gold Rush)

Skipps’ Rating: 2 (F-) (I am losing hope that we will break the car drought anytime soon)

Mythman’s Rating: 2/10 (Shame and Embarrassment)

TOO BAD! (Ay Que Mala Suerte Que Perdio)