The Price is Right Season 51 Week 16 Stats

Just an awful week save for the perfect first half Monday and Irma’s incredible Vend-O-Price win in the primetime special.

And once again, we DO NOT want to hear anybody tell us to change double overs into technical double showcase wins. A LOSS is a LOSS. And we DO NOT want to hear anybody make false double over announcements for the next day or week. If you wanna fight about it, call these numbers up (CBS at 1-888-274-5343) (CBS Studios/News at 1-212-975-3247) (CBS Headquarters at 1-212-975-4321) (TPiR at 1-855-507-7423) (alt. num. for TPiR at 1-800-700-6525) and DON’T WASTE OUR TIME. 😡 😡 😡

Total This Week: $469,093.87

Total for the Season: $7,278,241.70 (+ bedroom + S.D. trip + $50K+ Range Rover + phones + games + nail care + turntable pkg. of unknown values)

Pricing Games Won This Week: 12 of 36 (4 partials)

Pricing Games Won This Season: 232 of 458 (49 partials)


-This Week: 3
-Season: 14

Total Perfect PG Shows: 0

Total PG Shutouts: 0 (winless shows w/ (a) partial(s) do not count)

Total Weekly Car Game Shutouts: 1

First Four Victims

-This Week: 4
-Season: 42

Perfect IUFB Bids: 13

IUFB All-Overbids: 4

SCSD Dud Spins (Big Wheel Did Not Go All the Way Around or Bonus Spin Did Not Start At 5)

-This Week: 1
-Season: 29

SCSD Bonuses

-$1K: 28
-$11K: 5
-$26K: 2

Spin Offs

-This Week: 1
-Season: 15 (Two were doubles, one was a three-way, three were bonus spin-offs)

SCSD Wipeouts (Spun 5 then 100): 2

Showcase Stats

Car Winners’ Showcase (Both car winners went to the showcase): 3

Double Showcase Wins: 3

WSDs (Over by $250 or less): 1

Bigger/Smaller Showcase Won

-This Week: 3/2
-Season: 27/39

High SC Sweeps (incl. DSWs and no DOBs allowed): 1
Low SC Sweeps (incl. DOBs and no DSWs allowed): 3

Biggest Showcase Winners: Simon Hernandez (Regular Play Week; Oct. 26; $92,392); Jason & Ryan Harpole (“Young Sheldon” Twins primetime; Sept. 30; $53,816); Lauren, Katrine & Brian (Friendsgiving; Nov. 23; $34,261); Iris Shapiro (Dream Car Week; Oct. 10; $106,328); Shannon Pfeiffer (Holiday Week (Santas); Dec. 22; $75,943); Yvette Weems (Redemption Special; Jan. 4; $54,525); Ashley Brown (Grocery Store Employee Special; Jan. 11; $43,828); The Ford Family (Holiday Week (Family); Dec. 23; $176,881)

Lowest Showcase Winner: Montague Williams (Dec. 6; $26,484)

Double Overs: 5

This Week’s Pricing Champion: Michael Jotkowitz (Daytime); Ashley Brown (Primetime)

My Weekly Rating: 4 (F+)

Reminder that there will be a TPiR at Night special on the 18th featuring highly intelligent contestants (including one who earned a perfect SAT score, a chess grandmaster, mathematicians and more), and we will have yet another Wednesday primetime special on the 25th featuring people working for gratuity playing for a chance to win the biggest trip of their lives.

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